An article with open operation, matters needing attention of vacuum pump

by:Gewinn     2020-06-11

now, many factories produce cutting machine is equipped with water ring vacuum pump according to customer requirements, so the customer can be fixed plate. But there is no clearly told that using vacuum pump to the customer's attention, which leads to many customers could not judge fault location of vacuum pump. There is a problem, today we will explain the common water cooled vacuum pump problem.

open water ring vacuum pump used in the machine models are usually 4 common power. 0千瓦,5。 5 kw, 7。 5 kw, etc. , and vacuum adsorption intensity is different.

water ring vacuum pump absorption of major components are as follows:

1, inspiratory mouth: connect the woodworking machinery to absorb piping.

2, dust cover, prevent wood shavings and other debris from entering the pump.

3, check valve, prevent the reverse flow of the water in the pump during the downtime to the equipment.

4, inlet pipe, the working fluid injection pump, the device can produce vacuum.

5, inlet valve, control the flow of working fluid. Before start the machine, the valve must be fully open, and make sure before I start the vacuum pump water into the pump.

6, outlet: use equipment for about 10 days later, emptying the working liquid in the tank and replace softening of clean water.

7, vent: occurring in the process of adsorption gas emissions to the atmosphere through the vent port. Shall not be blocked vent. Are not allowed to connect more than two meters of the pipe. Not allowed to connect diameter less than 5 cm. Easy to overload, damage the motor.

8, sheung shui position: to add water in the tank, position until the water soak, and in every day before you start the vacuum pump water regularly, to ensure that the tank has enough working liquid.

9, water tank, working liquid.

so before using the water ring vacuum pump we should pay attention to what issues?

special remind: every time open the vacuum pump, must ensure that the vacuum pump have working fluid inside! Liquid level to the motor shaft above the work!

1, the suction connection to a straw engraving machine, sealing strictly, prevent leakage.

2, start for the first time, please use a screwdriver to turn the motor fan, to ensure that the impeller is not stuck.

3, connect the motor power supply and adjust the direction to conform to the standards.

4, to the water tank with water, until the water for the water.

5, open the valve into the pump, and wait for three minutes, to ensure that the working fluid flow into the pump.

6, start the motor, the vacuum pump to start working, adsorption adsorption effect. Test the adsorption intensity.

7, install the motor overload protector, in order to prevent the motor overload! ( Pay special attention to)

water ring vacuum pump common problems and processing methods:

1, vacuum pump, vacuum.

the main reason: the working fluid entering the pump cavity, no formation water ring or suction pipe leaks.

2, vacuum pump to start for the first time motor does not turn.

the main reason: because of the impeller and the disk space is very small, oxidation of cast iron parts, new impeller jammed phenomenon, after the main solution to open the motor fan cover, taps the motor back axle head with a hammer, then turn the motor by hand wind leaf, determine after rotation, back to the fan cover, start the motor.

3, vacuum pump suction.

main reason for the working liquid enough to enter, check the feed line way; Suction pipeline leak, check the suction pipe sealing performance. Long time did not change the working liquid, working liquid into a lot of wood dust, affect the quality of working liquid and so we must keep the working liquid for clean water.

4, vacuum pump noise.

all main reason for the suction pipe caused by the vacuum pump suction valve is closed to the limit, the cavitation noise, open the valve inlet pipe road noise will disappear.

water ring vacuum pump maintenance and maintenance:

water ring vacuum pump in use process if it is found that the suction is insufficient, the motor sound is lighter, please stop the machine immediately to check

1, patient, check whether the water tank is more than two thirds vacuum pump pump head height position, if is too low please add water immediately.

2, if the water tank water level high enough, please check the water tank pump head between the intake pipe blockage caused by insufficient water supply.

3, equipment cleaning filling water, after the completion of work boot sure to block the air intake, control the volume to give enough water flow into the pump body, produce enough vacuum degree.

4, please be sure to use 150 days of clear water tank, vacuum pump inlet pipe and in water. Short term does not use please close water tank inlet valve and emptying the inside of the inlet pipe of water. Long time not use, please complete control inside the pipe and pump head of the water, in case of rust, affect the operation.

5, do not use for a long time, if discovered after electric motor does not run, it is recommended to use tongs strength after rotating fan blade shaft, rust is loose, the pump head can normal use.

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