an exciting glimpse at boring machines on eglinton

by:Gewinn     2019-09-09
It took two and a half hours to hang the huge machine from the depths of the ground.
She broke the water at about 10: 30. m. Saturday —
She\'s 511,000.
The giant digging machine, called Lea, is usually 35 metres underground to build a busy digging tunnel for $4. 9-
Billion Eglinton light rail transit project in Crosstown.
Saturday is the first time Lea has spent the night on the ground in two years.
She came out of the digging shaft, dusty and red --
Brown, stained with the soil she chewed.
Along Eglinton Street, about 100 people are surrounded by fences. W.
Watch Lea rise from the ground and roll slowly past the closed place
Then replanted underground east of the Eglington West subway station.
Spectacular, immortal, wonderful and amazing words were heard in the crowd.
For a little girl in a purple pajamas
Waiting at night is \"very worth it.
\"I saw the creation of history,\" 12-year-old Jessica Lebo told the Star . \".
\"I\'m here to see a 400-
Tons of machines rolling on Eglinton.
\"I don\'t know what it will look like, but actually it\'s kind of like a bomb,\" she said . \".
The knife head, or surface of the cylinder machine, shows its dirt-covered blades.
Lea is following the footprints of Dennis, the twin brother who moved on Friday night.
This is a weekend of muscle strength transition.
Metrolinx, the provincial agency responsible for the construction of Eglington Crosstown, lifted more than 1 million of the machine out of one tunnel and put it back into another. The 10-metre-
Long double machine for digging tunnels.
5 m in diameter, digging holes underground in the city at a speed of 10 m per day. (
According to Metrolinx, the number of Earth that will be excavated for the Eglinton Crosstown project is enough to fill the Canadian Aviation Center with the height of the CN Tower. )
Diane Plante has been living nearby for the last 60 years and she is at the construction site for Liya\'s 5-year-
The old grandson, because he has passed the time to sleep.
\"This is once. in-a-lifetime thing.
It takes years to make these machines and move them, and it\'s an amazing feat, \"she said.
At midnight, Liya began to walk slowly, and the crowd cheered. “She’s moving!
Come on, Lea. let\'s go!
Greta Barett, 51, shouted from her electric wheelchair.
Barett has been following Dennis and Lea\'s adventures since the spring of 2013, and has said it is \"historical event\" to witness the machines being promoted to the world \".
\"This is the first and last time you have seen the machine do this kind of work,\" she said . \".
Even the construction workers who worked hard at the construction site took out their mobile phone cameras and recorded the short journey of Lea on the ground.
Initially, large machines will be removed before being lifted to the east side of Allen;
Then the building experts figured out how to keep them intact and lift them to the conveyor belt
Type the machines and slide them up and down the launch well on the other side of the Metro station.
Dennis and Lee are expected to arrive at Yongji Street.
Before the end of April 2016
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