analysis and estimation of gripper tbm performances in highly fractured and faulted rocks

by:Gewinn     2019-09-04
This paper focuses on the performance analysis of tunnel boring machine (
Especially the holder TBMs)
In highly connected rock and fault zones.
In order to study the possible relationship between these difficult excavation conditions and shield performance, data from several tunnel projects were collected in a specific database (TBM-
Performance Database).
Although it is difficult to obtain a complete data set for the TBM and detailed geological information, the database compiles data from field, laboratory testing, and literature.
A preliminary analysis has been carried out in order to find the possible correlation between tunnel concrete performance parameters (
Penetration rate and propulsion rate)
Rock mechanical properties such as rock strength and fracturing degree are widely used in commonly used rock mechanical performance prediction models.
While some trends can be identified, the results of dispersion confirm the difficulty of starting with the representation of indicators suitable for good rocks to predict machine performance in complex geological environments.
Then, based on the representative parameters, a highly broken rock and fault zone classification system is developed, providing a more complete description of the geomantic mechanics of the disturbed area.
4 \"fault zone\" categories have been identified.
For each level, the reduction rate of the selected TBM-
Performance parameters (i. e.
Cutting head speed, penetration rate and daily propulsion rate)
The tunnel performance recorded under good ground conditions has been evaluated.
The results of these analyses can effectively quantify the effect of the degradation rock mass on the performance of the TBM.
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