Analysis of the future development of the Russian mold industry market

by:Gewinn     2022-05-29
The demand for the Russian mold market does not appear to be very large at present. A large part of the molds are imported from Portugal, and another small part is exported from Germany, China and other countries to Russia. Judging from the types of molds imported from Russia, there are more plastic molds and less automobile molds. Since the development of local Volga and Lada cars in Russia is not ideal, Russia still needs to introduce a large number of European, American and Japanese cars. However, Russia's potential car purchasing power is very strong, and its government also gives positive support to Russia's auto industry, so the development prospects of Russia's auto industry are still very optimistic. Russia is expected to become a country with a surge in import demand for automobiles, automobile plastic molds, automobile stamping molds and auto parts in the future. That is to say, Russia's daily plastic molds, mechanical metal stamping molds, and automobile molds will also follow the future development of the automobile industry. and increase imports. Domestic auto machinery hardware mold companies can make in-depth reference and research on the Russian market, devote themselves to innovative technologies, build brands, and hope to compete in the future Russian market.
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