Analytical numerical control lathe the maintenance method when idle!

by:Gewinn     2020-03-28
Numerical control woodworking lathe model selection method, the late play a very important effect in the process of use, the following will explain it for you. Should focus on the choice of numerical control woodworking lathe in touch with each other in their consideration. Because the choice of technology superior equipment, its purpose is to pursue the economic benefits. When technology is consistent with the economic and reasonable good talents to give full play to the advantages of equipment, on the contrary, not due role. Introduced such as complete sets of equipment, equipment automation degree is high, but the energy consumption is too large, or the yield rate of the equipment are high, but not in full operation, so it appears in the advanced technology on the back of the economy is reasonable. In addition, the applicability is produced. Equipment selection must be with the product of the production scale, product quality, production cost, the material and produce the necessary conditions. The combined with this unit of the department of specific facts. The rationality of the economy from yield for performance. When the equipment utilization rate is low, the material poor adaptability, fixed assets depreciation rate and produce cost, taxes are too high tensions rise to a certain extent, is the equipment no matter what its nature, can only say the failure of shandong CNC woodworking lathe equipment selection. Numerical control woodworking lathe maintenance is also cannot fall when idle, explain for everybody below. 1, the electricity is often to system, especially in the rainy season of the environment temperature is higher. In the numerical control woodworking lathe lock without moving, let the system running. The use of electrical components itself fever to severance nc equipment in the moisture, ensure the stability of electronic parts performance. Practice indicated that the air humidity larger areas, often have electricity is a useful way of failure rate. Is 2, if the CNC woodworking lathe manufacturer of feed shaft and main shaft adopts dc motor to drive, should remove brush in dc motor, avoid the chemical corrosion effect, make the commutator surface corrosion, caused the reversing performance is bad, make the whole motor is damaged.
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