Antai CNC woodworking lathe main technical indicators

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
Numerical control woodworking lathe at run time need different specifications, we must achieve index lathe production of the product will reach the corresponding quality requirements, our antai CNC woodworking lathe technical indicators of knowledge to share with you! 1, is the pulse equivalent of CNC woodworking lathe, it is mainly refers to each send a pulse, the nc system for machine tool motion mechanism is to generate a corresponding displacement, and a pulse corresponds to the displacement is referred to as pulse equivalent, and pulse equivalent design of machine tool is needed for one of the original data, its value directly determines the size of the numerical control woodworking lathe machining precision and surface quality of the product. If the smaller the pulse equivalent, nc machine tools machining precision and surface quality of the higher. For now on the market of the simple nc machine tool can reach 0. 01, the relatively common nc machine tools is zero. 001, as for the precision ultra-precision is can reach 0. 0001. 2, to achieve localization accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy, which mainly refers to the repeated positioning precision on the same numerical control woodworking lathe processing, in the same program application code processing with a batch of parts, obtained the consistent degree of continuous results. In the general case, repeat positioning accuracy is a normal distribution of random error, it affects the consistency of a batch of parts processing, is a very important indicator. Another location accuracy is index control machine table and other moving parts, at the end of the determining of the precision of the actual location. 3, about the dividing precision of it is mainly refers to the degree in the workbench dividing, theory is the requirement of rotary Angle of value and the actual rotary Angle difference. And dividing affects both parts processing precision parts of the space Angle position, will also affect the alignment hole is processed. Above at 3 o 'clock is accused of wood lathe main technical indicators, we hope you can tell by we can learn knowledge, if you want to learn more knowledge, please contact us!
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