Application in the field of CNC punching machine in the car

by:Gewinn     2020-04-01
This year to CNC turret punch press product development is accelerated, a number of current developing trend of the numerical control machine high-grade CNC machine tools, machine tool industry in our country overall quality was obviously improved. But compared with developed countries, our country machine tool numerical control rate is not high, the current production output numerical control rate is less than 30%, the consumption values of numerical control rate is less than 50%, while developed countries mostly at around 70%. CNC turret punch press has been applied to the aerospace, automotive, rail transportation, high-speed railway, national defense in the fields of automobile, Including spare parts) Industry has been the largest use of machine tool industry. ” Five-year & quot; Period, due to restricted by factors such as energy, environment and traffic and high base reduction effect, the influence of vehicle production and sales growth than & quot; 11th five-year plan & quot; During a slower pace. The car industry & quot; Five-year & quot; , planning the annual output of 25 million cars in 2015, the major car companies more than the sum of 30 million, 2015 annual capacity planning it for machine tool provides a huge market. Automobile industry required for machine tool, first of all should be high efficient and reliable, and has enough precision and accuracy stability, but also should have moderate flexibility, so not only need a lot of general number control machine tool, need a lot more CNC turret punch press.
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