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by:Gewinn     2020-06-04
About two years ago (
In May 5, 2013, exactly)
The first 3D in the world.
The printed plastic gun was shot.
What is heard around the world is not a lens, but a lens that echoes in many media.
At that time, many people noticed that 3D-
Printing technology may put government regulators at a disadvantage, but the media is mainly concerned that criminals and even terrorists may secretly print plastic guns that cannot be detected.
Cody Wilson, a law student in Texas, was a self-taught student.
The Libertarian was declared and \"Liberator\" was designed \".
Wilson also downloaded the blueprint for guns for anyone on the Internet for free.
Although it\'s hard to say how many of the 100,000 people --
Also, people who download blueprints can actually use a 3D printer.
In the media hype around 3D
On 2013, federal officials announced that these open blueprints violated a set of regulations known as the international arms transport regulations (ITAR).
ITAR manages the import and export of American weapons.
Although blueprints are still widespread on the Internet, Wilson removed themsharing sites.
All this involved us in the First Amendment proceedings.
Wilson sees the blueprint as a constitutional freedom of speech.
To resolve the issue, Wilson\'s defense company filed a lawsuit with the State Department naming Secretary of State John Kerry and other senior officials as defendants.
As a result, this has become an issue with the censorship system, as the government has not confiscated illegal firearms, but has actually banned the published firearms program.
Wilson is supported by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
The company has announced that it has joined the defense of distribution in litigation seeking to prevent the federal government from reviewing information related to 3D printing of firearms.
While the gun issue is at the heart of this issue, the problem facing the court is not just the second amendment.
The suit states that such a review \"violates the right to freedom of expression in the First Amendment, the right to carry weapons in the Second Amendment and the right to due process in the Fifth Amendment.
\"Wilson\'s litigation team is led by Alan Gura of Gura & Possessky.
If gaola\'s name sounds familiar, it\'s probably because he\'s the lead lawyer for two gun cases. S.
The Supreme Court thus determined the Second Amendment: District v. ColombiaHeller (2008)and McDonald v. Chicago (2010).
All of this creates a court battle that the Founding Fathers never expected.
This will definitely put the topic back in the news and prompt more people to download the 3D file curiously.
Maybe some facts will help before the media starts.
The Liberator is a single
A shooting pistol designed for shooting.
380 additional ammunition.
Some videos on YouTube show that the liberators were successfully fired.
The problem is that although some in the media say this plastic gun is not a big threat to law and order.
In addition, even if there is illegalplastic gun (
Federal regulations require a certain amount of metal for each gun so that metal detectors can see them)
The alarm will still ring as the ammunition contains metal.
At the same time, other detectors used at the airport, such as reverse scattering-X-
Ray, a plastic gun will also be shown.
In addition, before we start to strictly regulate 3D printers for fear of homemade guns, we realize that there are other ways to make guns using plastic.
A 3D printer can definitely be used to make guns that the government doesn\'t know.
I know that people who have a lathe can do the same thing.
What\'s interesting is that 3D-
Printing guns don\'t have to be ugly-
Relatively light lens.
380, as the liberators say.
The gun of the 3D printer can also be made of metal.
Solid concept, based in Austin, Texas, printed the 1911 semi-automatic pistol in 2013, making them news.
Complete this solid concept with laser
Sintering process of metal powder.
They chose the model number 1911 because it is very old in design and belongs to the public domain.
Kent Firestone, vice president of solid concept additive manufacturing, said they used 33 17-
4 stainless steel and Inconel 625 parts, carbon-fired with selective laser-fiber grip.
They posted a 3D video on YouTube. Printing pistol
\"It\'s legal for us to do this,\" said Firestone . \".
\"In fact, as far as we know, we are the only provider of 3D printing services with a federal firearms license.
Now, if a qualified customer needs a unique gun part within five days, we can deliver it.
3D printing is not accurate enough or powerful enough is a common misconception.
The problem is, industrial laser.
The sintering equipment used to make guns is ridiculously expensive.
Of course, as technology matures, the cost may fall, but now it doesn\'t make sense for criminals or anyone else to spend tens of thousands of dollars on industrial printing equipment, because they can easily find quality guns that are legally and illegally sold.
In doing research for my book The Future of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives authority, agent Charles Müller told me, for example, guns on the streets of New York City, it usually sells hundreds of dollars more than retail.
Given this cost comparison, why would criminals bypass the National immediate crime background investigation system (NICS)
By investing in expensive and emerging 3D-
Printing technology becomes awkward
Will they sell when they can get all the verified semi-automated products they want, not just retail products?
Whether a simple plan or release plan for making a gun on a 3D printer is protected is a complex issue.
Just a while ago, like the simple encryption that we all use online was classified, the US banned companies from selling itS. government.
But the public encryption that was later called \"very good privacy\" was written by Phil Zimmerman in 1991.
He later offered it free of charge on the Internet.
Soon after, the government was formed and the court began to see encryption as a kind of speech.
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