Artificial intelligence makes another effort, Google art robot writes its first song

by:Gewinn     2022-05-31
After teaching artificial intelligence to write poetry and novels, Google's 'art' machine recently wrote its first song -- a 1:30-long piano piece. This is another major advance in machine learning at Google. To further expand the 'imagination' of artificial intelligence, Google first released Magenta last week, an art project that lets machines create art and music. Google wants to prove that using artificial intelligence to create art is not impossible. The piano piece was released alongside Google's long-term strategy in the art of artificial intelligence. Google hopes to build an ecosystem around Magenta and allow some artists to join the platform to help artists better create. For example, after hearing the notes played by a musician, artificial intelligence can use those notes to play a more complete melody. In its latest blog post, Google wrote: 'We'll start with audio and video, use creative tools in MIDI format, and provide artists with a platform to connect to machine learning models. We want to make this art creation platform the easiest and most convenient. .” Currently, the Magenta project has six members conducting research, focusing on algorithms that generate music. In the future, other scholars will be invited to help solve the historic problem of how to give machines creativity. This project is mainly responsible for GoogleBrain. Developing an artificial intelligence art creation platform is not an easy task for scientists, even the most advanced artificial intelligence at present, it will be very difficult to imitate artists and musicians, let alone new ideas. Mageta project is inspired by Google DeepDream technology. Google DeepDream is a way for researchers to study how their artificial intelligence algorithms perceive objects, enabling them to generate relevant objects on demand. At yesterday's Code conference, Google CEO Pichai said: 'Artificial intelligence is a natural evolutionary process for search to develop to a certain extent. But the industry as a whole is still in its early stages. The current competition between giants in the field of artificial intelligence is not a power game, but It’s as intense as an NBA championship. But Google is generally ahead of the competition.” At last month’s Google Developers Conference, Google further showcased the results of other AI applications from research to specific products, such as Google Now The speech recognition is more intelligent and can give more accurate and relevant results according to the context of the human-machine dialogue. Google also launched a home smart assistant called Google Home, which uses Google's artificial intelligence technology to make home life more intelligent. Pichai has always emphasized that Google is for everyone. For the future AI-based chat platform, Pichai announced Google's long-term strategy: 'Let all chat software work together through the same platform. Users can choose different chat software, but they can also be synchronized on other software. Information. This is what Google hopes to achieve in the near future.” To achieve this goal, Pichai revealed that Google is working with operators to develop next-generation chat messaging standards across software platforms. Based on Google's large number of Android phones, it is not difficult for Google to unify the standard. However, since Google has been away from the competition in the chat business for a long time, whether it can quickly catch up with its competitors, such as Facebook, by returning to this battlefield, Google can only cheer.
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