as elon musk cuts staff at one of his companies, another says it’s hiring

by:Gewinn     2019-08-15
SpaceX workers affected by the company
A wide range of layoffs can go across the street to another employer who is hiring.
On the same day, Elon Musk\'s rocket company is preparing to cut the ranks of billionaire tunnel start-up boring companies
, Posted on a batch of open positions. Boring Co.
Applications are being solicited for nearly 12 jobs including tunnel engineering and software development.
The startup employs about 80 people.
Space Exploration Technology
With more than 6,000 employees, it told employees last week that it would cut its workforce by about 10%, including 577 jobs at Hawthorne headquarters in California.
Although Boring Company
Each position list can employ multiple people, which account for only a fraction of the loss of SpaceX.
However, near
The simultaneous staffing adjustment indicates a change in the two highs
Introduction to Musk venture capital company.
While SpaceX says it expects the launch to slow this year, boring companies
Making progress across the United StatesS.
The company opened a test tunnel near Los Angeles last month and is in exclusive talks with Chicago on the subway.
Like the system there, is going through an environment
Review process for the Washington, DC TunnelC. , area.
Musk set up a boring company.
Two years ago, there was an established goal to bypass Los Angeles traffic through a tunnel.
The company\'s small campus represents a more whimsical side of Musk.
It consists of a group of trailers and trailers.
Potty facilities.
All Isata are inspired by Monti Python and built with bricks made of dirt dug out of the tunnel.
The company is also very high-profile.
The boring machine parked nearby is called Godot, Line-
Storm & pulufflock, Samuel Beckett, Robert frostein T. S. Eliot.
Despite the cost cuts from SpaceX, aerospace companies can continue to recruit. Tesla Inc.
The musk-run electric car maker continued to expand aggressively after firing 9% of its employees in June.
SpaceX still lists dozens of job openings, including some areas that were cut last week.
Musk\'s joint venture regularly overlaps and shares resources in response to the CEO\'s concerns. Boring Co.
The promotional video shows Tesla cars traveling fast around the tunnel, as well as Boring Co.
The event is usually attended by volunteers from SpaceX and Tesla.
Operations Director of Boring Company
Steve Davis is the former head of the SpaceX advanced program, an early employee of SpaceX.
Speaking at last month\'s Ata news conference, Musk said he wanted to see such a cross between his companies enter StarCraft.
\"I hope we can build a tunnel on Mars one day,\" Musk said . \".
\"It will be a glorious day.
That means we are really there. ”—
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