At present, the woodworking machinery has achieved considerable technical reserves

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
The woodworking machinery have made considerable technical reserves before quietly changing market measures, the domestic many universities and research institutions have been ready for a rainy day. While universities and research institutions for lack of interest in the field of traditional woodworking machine and preparation, but as a high-end field of machinery and equipment industry, for the relevant ministries and commissions of the state invested enough attention in the field of nc machine. In the field of metal CNC machinery, many Chinese companies have made substantial breakthrough. Northeast forestry university, nanjing forestry university, tsinghua university and other colleges and universities and research institutions, in the aspect of numerical control woodworking machinery has already achieved considerable technical reserves, a market of what, can hand in hand to occupy the market and enterprises, some domestic advanced enterprises, have also rely on their own strength, to the market with a small amount of numerical control woodworking machinery products. Compared with the traditional woodworking machinery, home-made numerical control woodworking machinery price for 5 to 10 times; Imported CNC product prices for domestic nc product of 2 to 3 times. Although numerical control woodworking machinery in efficiency, safety, accuracy, a comprehensive victory for the rate of material and so on, but still very high price threshold turned off many business owners. But as CNC machinery production and sales of domestic technology gradually mature, the future mechanical software costs will be diluted, is expected to cut prices, welcomed the domestic woodworking enterprises in the spring. Machinery and equipment from other areas of experience, expect to master foreign technology companies take the initiative to reduce the price, is a mirror, and CNC machinery products for foreign companies in the after-sales service is also difficult to reduce costs. Furniture and wood processing enterprises in China to enjoy a more economical numerical control woodworking machinery, can only look forward to the local woodworking machinery enterprise gradually achieve technological breakthroughs and accumulation, can rapidly numerical control woodworking machinery in China. A: woodworking engraving machine for wood industry to create a good prospects for the next article: woodworking machinery safety certification procedures
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