Automatic polishing machine how to reduce the noise

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
In the use of automatic polishing machine polishing process, the noise of the machine can produce big or small, it will not only affect the mood of work, which will affect the efficiency and the effect of the workpiece. In order to make the head automatic polishing machine polishing effect is best, in order to make the work of the highest efficiency, we have not head automatic polishing machine factor of product quality, improve them one by one. To reduce noise pollution, we must first understand clearly the noise come from the noise produced by the principle of what it is. This way we will take measures to solve it fundamentally. According to the mechanism of automatic polishing machine noise, can know the huge noise is grinding head grinding bricks under the effect of unbalanced force occurred severe vibration, the vibration is the real cause of the noise. In the head automatic polishing machining vibration is a kind of typical dynamic instability phenomenon. Can put its work principle is to simplify the figure, analysis of single abrasive grain. Through to the tank automatic polishing machine grinding head of vibration analysis, it is concluded that the factors influencing the grinding head noise is the width of the grinding speed and automatic polishing machine grinding head. Can choose the appropriate grinding width and speed, prevent resonance, the effective control of the noise of the automatic polishing machine. Improve the width of the grinding and grinding head speed can cause the noise disappear completely. This method is very simple, just need stainless steel automatic polishing machine usually pay more attention to and observation, to find the reason, improve the mechanism can achieve our ideal effect. Automatic polishing machine noise disappear, operator can be in a quiet environment for polishing homework, then work effectiveness and efficiency would be greatly promoted, I wish all the people who are facing this topic is to try to improve and build a good working environment.
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