Automatic polishing machine polishing zinc alloy die casting

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
This article mainly introduced the automatic polishing machine is how to achieve the polishing and polishing of zinc alloy die casting. Zinc alloy die casting surface is usually serious. Crack, air bubble, shrinkage, porosity, etc. , how to solve these problems? First remove the surface of the workpiece with thousand impeller or sand belt burr, parting line, die casting defects such as flash, automatic polishing factory house, obtain a fairly flat, smooth surface. Then the linen wheel or further polishing cloth round of product surface and smooth ( For 50 - cloth wheel diameter 400 mm, maximum circumferential speed should not be too big) In the 2500 m/min, small parts using 1100 ~ 1400 m/min low speed. 045 mm, acute, with iron oxide polishing paste used for polishing materials, shall not be dry grinding. Should be along a direction, polishing grinding marks shall not be crossed, polishing machine manufacturers, polishing pressure cannot too big, avoid large amount of grinding. ) Cloth wheel or cloth wheel after doing the product fine grinding processing. Make the product surface is bright and clean, smooth, with no scratches. ( General and green with white wax wax polishing paste. Pressure should not be too big. In order to avoid even the appearance of pitting or burning, the process is roughly same, do not allow the product shape and material. This process will be different.
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