Automatic polishing machine should be how to choose polishing abrasive needed?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Automatic polishing machine, polishing machine, polishing machine is a very popular in hardware and electronic components processing equipment. It has wide application range, can replace artificial polishing, increase the power, and can be applied to all kinds of types. Stainless steel cylindrical container outside polishing roller polishing machine polishing rate of 8 -) per hour 10 square meters. In automatic polishing machine, polishing machine, custom polishing machine, automatic polishing machine, polishing machine, polishing machine polishing abrasive is important, it directly affect the polishing effect of finished product, so based on the characteristics of the polishing abrasive polishing components requires choosing appropriate. Automatic polishing machine, polishing machine, polishing machine is the same high quality polishing abrasive, abrasive low tensile strength data, choose more tough silicon carbide abrasive. The rest, we must consider the workpiece material. Choosing the polishing abrasive, the hardness of workpiece data is poor. According to the daily situation, polishing abrasive hardness of 2 - higher than the hardness of workpiece 4 times. Otherwise, the lower hardness. Abrasive fast passivation, in the process of high speed cutting for cutting ability, low the cost of grinding wheel, affect the cutting power, can't guarantee the quality of machining. Artifacts data, therefore, the higher the hardness, the higher the hardness of the abrasive. In addition, the choice of the polishing abrasive grinding process of chemical reaction should also be considered. Test confirmed that when the silicon carbide abrasive grinding steel, when grinding steel abrasive wear faster than corundum abrasive wear. In the end, the choice of the polishing abrasive and the influence of thermal stability, because in the process of machining, polishing abrasive, low temperature and form its own deformation to ensure the excellent thermal stability. Necessary to buy it in a targeted manner and test the function of the abrasive to ensure the best polishing effect.
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