Automatic polishing machine working principle and applicable scope

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Automatic polishing vendors would achieve automatic surface polishing treatment, suitable for small workpiece, automatic polishing metal workpiece surface gloss and remove burrs. Can be used more than one operator device. Mainly for handicraft factory, hardware factory, customer groups such as sanitary ware factory is used. Such equipment is relatively simple operation, low to the operator skill requirement, can improve the production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and save production cost, crimping machine, improve the quality of products, curling machine how many money, reduce product quality differences. 1 finished products deburring; 2 surface rust treatment; 3 the finished surface polishing; 4 remaining play net work; 5 the finished surface clear light 6 to remove oxide film 7 finished surface sanding will not damage the surface shape. The working principle of the motor is a dynamic source of polishing head, and polishing materials make up the whole polishing head. Excipients fastening on polishing head and motor power after starting, through adjusting the polishing head position, and to polishing objects full contact. Join in the process of polishing polishing liquid/polishing wax, can be finish. Can install after fixed on the professional sink, water circulation system and so on, to achieve the effect of wet behind. Shield can prevent objects fall off flying out to personnel in the process of polishing, and after installation on the dust removal machine, chaohu lake edge grinding machine, can effectively eliminate indoor dust. Suitable for jewellery handicraft industry products; Automatic lathe parts; Die casting, stamping parts; Spring, shrapnel parts; Electronics, communications, medical parts; The product that defend bath, The faucet, pipe fittings, etc. ) ; Auto parts ( The wheel bone, etc. ) 。 Automatic polishing machine is suitable for the following industries: almost all need surface treatment industry to automatic polishing machine. Such as furniture, furniture industry, such as flat board, wood metal shake handshandle artifacts such as sanding wire drawing; Hardware ( Metal) Materials and products of aluminum and its products, stainless steel products and household utensils, copper material and products, plumbing sanitary equipment, locks, lighting products, signs, nameplate, metal craft ornaments, knife cut class, door hinge, auto spare parts of bicycle, tableware, Wei buckle products, button, belt buckle, cell phone shell, clock and watch industry artifacts such as sanding wire drawing; Electronic components, electronic equipment such as electronic parts, flat sanding drawing etc. Hardware factory, electronics factory, following enterprise, 45 degrees of polishing machine, hardware furniture factory, handicraft factory, brick machine, decoration hardware factory, building hardware factory, polishing factory, oxide factory, electroplating factory, metal factory, aluminum factory, copper products factory, petroleum and chemical industry and so on station square tube multi-function cleaning machine is suitable for all kinds of stainless steel tube, aluminum tube, iron pipe, metal furniture, decorative tube, twill processing, especially after the plating nickel, bronze wire drawing effect is better, stable quality, high efficiency. Low is suitable for various hardware pipe ( Bar) The play sand, polishing, wire drawing processing.
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