Automatic saw quality computer requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Saw the quality requirement, the automatic computer: 1, the front sheet can't have touch scratches, degumming, peel-fold slotted, off color, severe negative miscellaneous wood chip, not degumming, repair, serious touch scratches, etc. 2, the cutting board scale standard according to the material request, first must be admitted that can produce a large number of qualified. 3, the cutting board necessary founder ( Special circumstances) The section not black. Saw note: three, automatic computer 1, before the press saw material to start the button, to see the good pressure under beam cannot have other sundry, not put his hand on the following. 2, if there is foreign body beam or accidentally hand pressed to, immediately press the pressing suspend or rock pressure on the beam sensors. 3, understand the materials needed to produce standard and wood grain direction under pressure to meet. 4, the performance of the cutting board shall not be midway ruling block the saw blade, it is necessary to lock saw blade, saw blade must be sharp mouth, hand under the machine beam is prohibited. 5, a cutting thickness must not exceed the range of computer cutting machine set.
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