Automatic wood sanding machine installation? - - - - - - Her new machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Before automatic wood sanding machine device, should reflect on the ground can consolidate, level off, it is best to machine gear on concrete ground, to ensure the machine's volatility, after setting also require device location not less than 500 lux light degree, and make sure there is enough space for equipment, task in operation, maintenance and care. Machine installation steps are as follows: 1, the packaging will be fixed mechanical parts removed. 2, place the machine into the air, and the degree of adjustment. 3, will roll type sealing side wheel fixed device on the machine use. 4, cohesion within the power cord, 50 hz, 220 v three-phase four-wire power, total power cord diameter to 4 square centimeters of above. 5, cohesion gas source. 6, cohesive dust collection tube on the dust removal equipment. 7, can reflect voltage is normal, to ensure tight enough air and boring.
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