Automatic wood sanding machine maintenance and maintenance skills, rounding

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
We have a lot of people ignored in the process of processing and production of automatic woodworking sanding machine maintenance. In fact, it is very unwise, although automatic wood sanding machine maintenance need to consume a certain cost of manpower and material resources, but in the long run, it can effectively extend the service life of the machine, reduce the maintenance cost of enterprises, improve the work efficiency, or have more advantages than disadvantages. Automatic wood sanding machine maintenance work from the following several aspects: 1. Regular cleaning. Cleaning machine was the first thing in the production process of waste and all sorts of sundry, to prevent the machine from congestion caused by the waste accumulation, affect work efficiency. Next, want to clean up all kinds of stains on the surface of the machine, keep the machine's beautiful and clean, can also be corrosion stains on the surface of the machine. 2. Maintain appropriate temperature in the workshop. Wood sanding machine in the process of working temperature shoulds not be too high or too low, too low temperature will lead to frozen oil, the machine can not run normally, it is easy to cause high temperature heat dissipation inconvenience, resulting in motor damage. 3. Computer repair. Today, most wood sanding machine is connected to the computer automatically, so as to realize the automation of computer programming. If the computer has not been properly in the process of work and maintenance, it is easy to produce jam and collision phenomenon, affecting the efficiency and effect of automatic woodworking sander. Hercynian her new machinery co. , LTD saw automatic wood sanding machine precision heavy sanding machine special-shaped surface sanding machine polishing machine special-shaped polishing machine
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