Automatic wood sanding machine screws is loose

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Have a screw loose destabilize trimming the solution: find a benchmark, fastening screws, adjust the cutting tool. Here, of course, you may ask, how do not speak polish, if trimming and polishing haven't repaired ah, I believe you can solve the problem of the trimming and polishing is easily done, polishing, after all, simple, and if no what accuracy. Characteristics and functions of automatic wood sanding machine, simple operation, easy to adjust Angle, automatic woodworking sand GuangJiChang home, pressure membrane forming through a transfer, secondary processing, solved a transfer faults, good adhesion, good sense of wood, stereo feeling and real wood effect, automatic wood sanding machine price, without edge trim color, integral feeling is good. Machining surface feel comfortable, clean, smooth, elegant flawless. Widely used in wenqi door, R type, V type, furniture, ambry door plank end face sealing side, all kinds of arts and crafts, crystal plate, wooden MEDALS, etc. 1. From life safety: the operators can operate not only needs to have the most professional technology, at the same time also need to equipped with complete protection measures, for example, before shooting guard; 2. Look carefully saw whether can run normally, troubleshooting, need to ensure speed of the cutting tool; 3. Operating personnel before I leave for operation, must shut down the machine; 4. When the abnormal mechanical operation, need to be done by professional maintenance staff maintenance.
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