Automatic wood sanding machine to the requirement of temperature?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
In machinery manufacturing further to meet our wood products production and manufacturing, so we should be reasonable to use automatic woodworking sander, so how to avoid in the process of using high temperature situation, so we will be reasonable for temperature control. So we're going to the observation of the surrounding environment, will find some factories in change garments according to the wood sanding opportunity arises when the situation of the high temperature, is mainly because under the low temperature hot melt adhesive curing speed of adhesive effectively shorten time. Automatic woodworking sander will also receive sealing side temperature hot melt adhesive performance influence, so in the process of production of sealing side is also our attention indicators, when the sealing side of hot melt adhesive temperature, substrate temperature, sealing side material temperature and working environment temperature are very important parameters of sealing side. Generally in the workplace is not only to reasonable control automatic wood sanding machine working temperature, should also keep the temperature of the substrate is best in 20 & deg; C above. The use of so as to meet our standards. But also should pay attention to when we use don't and flammable and explosive items into the store, to prevent the situation by accident.
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