Automatic woodworking machinery appeared abnormal phenomenon of downtime, how should the introspection

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Automatic woodworking machinery appeared abnormal phenomenon of downtime, how the user when the introspection. 1. PLC, frequency converter, etc. If there's any alarm, this problem can be through the screen alarm situation to judge, if there is alarm and electrical parts generally is the overload, over-current and under-voltage. 2. Workshop of power supply voltage is stable, automatic woodworking machinery is equipped with under-voltage protection, once appear, too high or too low voltage instability, woodworking machinery will outage protection. 3. Check if there's any loose for all terminal screw, common problems easy to handle, screw can be tightly. 4. Urgent stop switch, safety protection switch power whether there are abnormal, some woodworking machinery use after a long time without proper maintenance, abrupt stop switch contact problems, the need to replace the switch. 5. Check whether leakage, if leakage woodworking machinery will have leakage protection automatically cut off power supply, the problem must be carefully screening, to be able to do the work again electrify after repair. Automatic woodworking machinery is inevitable problems of long-term use. Also is not to say that the manufacturers of the product quality has a problem, no matter what use time long will has a little problem, so she learned some simple automatic woodworking machinery maintenance method 1 is the absolute truth, difficulty in automatic woodworking machinery start is what reason, general because set the temperature too high, so we should do when using a reasonable adjustment, full check line link is reasonable or not. 2, automatic woodworking machinery in use do not appear in the process of the start is what reason, please check the motor burn out, such as burn out, please replace the motor. Then please check all wiring, check whether the electric wiring loose, if there is a loss of clear in time for replacement. 3, woodworking machinery cylinder appears not action, if there are no action, we will check whether the pressure is insufficient, check cylinder throttle valve is a case of damage. So to check the startup problem in time, be early found early repair. On HaiRong woodworking machinery equipment co. , LTD. Contact: zhang miao 18917332005 ( WeChat synchronization)
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