Automatic woodworking machinery repair on the neck plate

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Automatic woodworking machinery how to fix on the neck plate: 1. After neck down too fast or downward pressure is too large, makes the guiding rule impact ke the phenomenon of the plate on the plate. Solution: adjust the neck after cylinder inlet and exhaust pressure regulating valve, make the neck downward to reduce speed and power. 2. Before the neck upward pressure is too large, plate to the neck problems by feet before impact. Solution: adjust the front neck upward pressure regulating valve, make its power become soft. 3. Neck downlink signals travel switch position before wrong or broken, plate movement to the desired location if touch less than the trip switch or touch switch is broken, so keep no downlink signal before, so I will be on board. Solution: adjust the location of stroke switches or replacement.
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