Automatic woodworking sand GuangJiChang home to you talk about how automatic woodworking sander Ann

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Before installing the automatic woodworking sander, should check whether the ground is solid and flat, whether or not. Had better install the machine in the cement ground, to ensure the stability of the machine after installation. At the same time, the installation position requirement brightness is not less than 500 LUX, and ensure the enough space installation, operation, repair and maintenance work. Machine installation steps are as follows: 1, remove fixed mechanical parts of packing. 2, the machine on the ground and adjust the level. 3, using storage wheel turned edge material is fixed on the machine. 4, connect an external power supply cord, 50 hz, 220 v three-phase four-wire power supply, power cord diameter should be greater than 4 square centimeters. 5, connection gas source. 6, connect the suction pipe to dust removal device. 7, check whether the voltage is normal, ensure sufficient compressed air and dry.
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