Automatic woodworking sander productivity with high efficiency

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Automatic wood sanding machine should have high consumption rate, and can complete mechanization and automation, to increase the strength of the workers rest. Wood furniture consumption in our country at present the uniform mechanization level A40 96 ~ 50%, the industry is thriving in a country, furniture automatic woodworking sander has basically reached the level of ancient, such as handheld electric equipment to replace the all kinds of manual operation of the system. There are in chao sawing machine, planing machine, punch machine. Sanding machine, etc. About in a variety of natural plate manufacture of panel furniture, decoration and its base material appearance parts processing. Sealing side, drilling and other fundamental completed assembly line consumption. Local equipment has completed the microcomputer control board type furniture, such as Germany, liao, IQ ( HOI ZMA) Consumption of sawing machine, you only need to stay sawing particle board. Particle board, medium density fiberboard thin stack to lift tables. Can be done automatically send into, longitudinal and transverse cutting, automatic the shake. Stacking operation, etc. Water consumption rate is high, and the size of the saw cutting pull a high accuracy, such as the diagonal length of Im on straightness error can be controlled in O. Within the scope of LMM. Used in furniture manufacturing computer processing center, has the characteristics of economic and efficient, since it is in 1 machine tools reasonably adopted the structure of the ancient technology equipped with. Has the primary motion, and can arrive in accurate and safe processing. Central usually equipped with tools include: milling cutter, drill, glue sealing side installation and finishing installation, etc. Cutting tool with automatic tool change installation, backup tool send knife in the library. Very short time only ask tool changer. After a clamping workpiece can complete such as milling, sanding, tenon, profile milling, open dovetail and drilling process, especially suitable for & other; Small batch and variety & rsquo; The furniture consumption. Three - higher efficiency than the ordinary machine tools Four times in the right, machine has high machining accuracy and repeated accuracy, and no human error. In wood furniture consumption, automatic woodworking furniture sanding machine can meet the progress of wood using rate, reduce the requirement of the original material cost. That on the one hand, from the progress processing precision, add the bad parts machining allowance, ensure the quality of production quantity manpower; The other - In processing, apply changes to the original processing technology, can reach the purpose of reduce raw material cost. Is used for the soft material such as the United States to Miao generation of planing craft, with sanding equipment replacement ping chong, plane and local milling, not only can improve the processing quality, and can add 5% to make the size of the ware 10%. All kinds of new technology and the use of cutting tool, exceptions can reach the purpose.
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