Automatic woodworking sander will lead woodworking trend

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Fully automatic wood sanding machine datum found no board face? Trimming knife can be accurate to fix the ideal line edge banding from trimming knife next level by foot ( Baroclinic round or circular arc on board) And vertical by foot ( Copying wheel) 。 If they can't close to on the moving plate, certainly will not take out the appropriate line. The solution: the board that will be a long flat end face and into the wood sanding machine ( Be careful not to glue) , when can the plank to cover polishing, scraping edge, fine, coarse trim this position when the conveyor belt stopped, based on the plate, the above mentioned horizontal and vertical benchmark depend on the board, the tool cutting edge near the plate edges, waiting behind fine-tuning, until the ideal effect. Automatic woodworking sander would lead woodworking trend: the operation is simple, easy to adjust Angle, automatic woodworking sand GuangJiChang home, pressure membrane forming through a transfer, secondary processing, solved a transfer faults, good adhesion, good sense of wood, stereo feeling and real wood effect, automatic wood sanding machine price, without edge trim color, integral feeling is good. Machining surface feel comfortable, clean, smooth, elegant flawless. Widely used in wenqi door, R type, V type, furniture, ambry door plank end face sealing side, all kinds of arts and crafts, crystal plate, wooden MEDALS, etc.
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