Avoid small method of woodworking machinery operation accident

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Avoid small method of woodworking machinery operation accident

woodworking machinery is wood semi-finished products processing into wood, because wood in the machining process, there may be parts flew out, cut the harm such as props, so in the wood processing, need to prevent the happening of the wood mechanical accident, so we should be how to prevent wood mechanical accident? Second-hand woodworking machinery is simple introduce you:

(1) to realize essential security. It refers to using direct safety technical measures, to choose the best design scheme, and in strict accordance with standard manufacturing, inspection, Reasonably USES the mechanization, automation and computer technology, maximally eliminate dangerous or limit risk, achieve mechanical itself should have the nature of safety performance.
(2) the safety protection device. If not or can not completely by direct safety technical measures to achieve safety, indirect safety technical measures can be used for mechanical equipment design of one or more security protection device, maximize the preventive and control the accident. Note, was elected with safety protection measures to avoid some risks, be aware of another kind of risk.
(3) the use of information. If direct safety technical measures and indirect safety technical measures cannot fully control risk, you need to use indicative safety technical measures, and warns the user informed about some legacy risk.
(4) additional preventive measures. Including emergency contingency measures, such as stop measures, the escape and rescue measures when in danger, installation, transportation, storage and maintenance of safety measures, etc.
5. Safety management measures. It is to point to establish and improve the safety management organization, to develop targeted safety rules and regulations, implement planned regulation for mechanical equipment, especially to the key safety is of important influence on mechanical equipment and parts inspection and scrap processing, etc. , selection, equipped with personal protective equipment.
6 personnel training and education. The vast majority of the accident and fault of people's behavior has a direct or indirect contact, therefore, should be to strengthen the safety education of staff, including security, education laws and regulations, risk consciousness education, safety skills education, special type of work personnel's job training and related certificates, and master the necessary rescue skills.
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