AWFS[R] Fair brings world of woodworking to Anaheim.

by:Gewinn     2020-06-10
Member of the Association of woodworking and furniture suppliers [R]
Offers a wide range of machinery, supplies and services from all over the world.
Here are more than 30 products to be exhibited by AWFS [R]Fair, July 31 -Aug. 3.
Automatic track Sander for Stiles Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Booth 1801 Stiles machinery
Heesemann 8 8 OSR available-
Monthly automatic corbital Sander.
It is characterized
Plus the pressure beam technology and two Orbital heads.
It performs a grinding and cross-grain scraping and cleaning. It has a three-
Head design for industrial PC controllers and low noise levels. (616)698-7500 www. Mechanical equipment.
Com Circle #201 cutting-
Sawing CTD Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Booth number 2597 CTD machine
Introduced its model M25R fast independent cuttingoff saw.
It can provide up to 45 [degrees]each side of 0[degrees]
Stop at 45 [positive salesdegrees], 30[degrees], 22. 5[degrees],15[degrees], 0[degrees], 15[degrees], 22. 5[degrees], 30[degrees]and45[degrees].
Standard machine with 12-in.
Bladecapacity, month-in. arbor, 2. 5-in.
See the collar and 2-hp single-orthree-
Phase TEFC motor with toggle switch and two belt drive. (213)689-4455 www. ctdsaw.
Com Circle #202 Post Office Automation booth #1767 SF2000 standard format Post Office from Midwest Motor Company-
In single-and double-
Two-sided feed-through model. Thespring-loaded, quick-
The company stated that changing the molding and compression roller assembly allows for the formation of a wide range of standard profiles with minimal or no setup.
Suitable for manufacturers of kitchen countertops, office furniture and post-forming parts. (612)721-5347 www.
CNC router C. com Circle #203R. Onsrud Inc.
Booth #2649 C. New 146C16D CNC routerR.
Onsrud has fixed casting-16-Iron Bridge
HP Colombo hemp3f cartridge spindle and month-toolchanger.
Double offset table (63 in. by 97 in. and 63 in. by 49 in. )
145-move independently or in seriesin. by 61-in. work envelope. (704)528-4528 www. cronsrud.
Com Circle #204 edge facing corner machine of Koch Co. , Ltd.
Machinery & Systems booth #2101 Koch Co. , Ltd.
The machine and system provide Endmaster K edgebandand recliner. It is a double-
The end of the end used for tying or hot winding narrow parts (such as guide rails, stiles, bases, etc. ) is penetrated into the machine.
It can process medium fiber board or crusher board with size 30mm.
The company says the hot foil unit can produce up to 25 parts per minute. (678)444-5000 www. kochma.
Com Circle #205 STILE/rail profile tools Dehart tools
Booth #685 DeHart Tooling provides stile and rail profile tools for CNCrouters installed on integrated HSK 63 F brackets.
The tool is used for high-
Rapid machining of male and female contours.
The insert knife has soft wood, hard wood, or medium fiber board of hard or alloy grade. (800)438-5771 www. dehartusa.
206 Evans machinery booth #1319 SF 61 of Evans machinery is a single-
Side flow of the softener designed for cabinet door, closet and garage component cabinet manufacturers. With a quick-
The company said it was easy to change the shape turret.
Every machine has a high standard.
Frequency trimmer, top and bottom scraper and polishing wheel. (623)934-7294 www.
Evansmachinery Inc.
Com Circle #207 saw blade Gladu Booth #962 SuperPlus saw blade function sand from Gladu-
RIM and flip with triple chipflat-
According to the company, the tooth TC cutting edge has a cutting surface that is ground into a mirror surface.
Blades are suitable for cutting two-sided laminated scrap boards and mid-fiber boards--
One at a time or stacked one. (800)363-9117 www. gladu.
Com Circle #208 CNC machining center Anderson USA
Stand #2079 Anderson USA
Exxcel CNC machining center
Magnetic linear drive.
The company says its cutting speed is as high as 100 mpcommand, which is not easy to vibrate due to its rotary drive with a ball screw coupling.
It has cast iron single platform, software and Fanuc controller with PC. (704)522-1823 www. andersonusa.
Com circle #209 EDGEBANDERS Holz-Her U. S. Inc.
Booth Holz-2601Her U. S. Inc.
Announced the addition of four new edgeband models to the Sprint product line, replacing the previous fast and Genesis models.
The company says Sprint 1305 and 1310 offer a high degree of flexibility at the entry level.
The machine is characterized by small footprint and PLC control for standard equipment.
They have Holz-
Her ink cartridge glue system(704)587-3400 www. holzher.
Com Circle #210 CNC machining center IMAA America Booth #1701 IMA America BIMA 310 CNC machining center for nested customers
Based on manufacturing.
It has a flat vacuum gauge and a table top and a vacuum pod unit.
It also features an optional contour edge seal. (616)656-9021 www. imaamerica.
Black brother Com Circle #211 rotary layer PressCo.
Booth Number 1153 panel express-
Auxiliary rotary laminating machine from Black Bros
Can help to produce HPL or veneer panels.
It has three pairs of 68-in. -
Wide drive silicone roll for 7 in.
Diameter of positive lamination pressure.
The company said the upper and lower banks lowered the temperature of the glue line to the recommended level. (815)539-7451 www. blackbros.
Com circle #212 production software Microvellum Inc.
Booth #1397 Microvellum provides AutoCAD-
Design and production based solution software including sellingpoint 3.
The company provides a catalog of products to create online storefronts for public ordering or password protection and management of authorized order entry systems.
It includes manufacturing data such as manufacturing reports, purchase orders, part invoices, and machine codes. (800)204-0913 www. microvellum.
Com Circle #213 cut-
Closed Omga.
Booth #2167, Omga Inc.
Model T 2030 NC cutting available
Optimized off saw for wood cutting and defect removal.
Suitable for high-
Production requirements with a maximum feeding speed of 800 fpm.
The 11 top press rollers compensate for the size change of the mill stock.
A pc comes with the machine-
Computers that can perform 11 work cycle programs.
A list of CNC stores that cut the length of different grades and the number of corresponding parts. (800)233-6642 www. omgainc.
Com Circle #214 microwave drying system Giardina finishing system booth #1879 microwave operating system of Giardina finishing system
Is a drying system for coating materials on wood.
The company says it can be used in many different liquid coating materials, especially water-Basic materials. It has 3-
D. uniform curing capacity of flat or shaped parts.
It also features Instant On/Off capability and the curing unit uses only 12 kw. (502)361-1003 www. giardina-usa.
Com round #215 vertical facing plate saw cut Mfg at safe speed.
Booth #2188 Security speed cut announces the enhancement of its ES5 vertical facing panel saw.
The company says it now has an auto-moving panel support grid, improved material loading, easy to install and rotate the blad scorched system.
It has two axis motion with single or three phase version and can handle 5-ft by 10-
Up to 2 1/4 Ft panels. thick. (800)772-2327 www. safetyspeedcut.
Com Circle #216 track brush sanding Time Company
Booth 2501
Series 2300 track brushsander has been launched.
It features a new grinding system, sand head with double moving track, 10-in. -
Diameter brush and vacuum hold-down.
The company said good-
Suitable for small-to mid-
Cabinets, wood products and furniture factories. (800)537-3611 www. timesaversinc.
Booth #1973 Wintersteiger offers a new type of hard alloytipped saws.
They offer thin cut seams, adhesive surfaces, and thin sheets for immediate use.
The company says they can be used to produce parquet floors, doors, windows, multi-layer plates, wooden biscuits, or to use any lamellashi with a thickness of at least 1 to 5mm. (866)844-6288 www. wintersteiger.
Com circle #218 yingerjointers Western booth #2795 West pneumatic design an automatic insert feeding system forits yingerjointers.
The company says the lugs feed system improves the overall efficiency of the finger connector\'s production capacity. (800)428-8063 www. westernp.
Com Circle #219 unique machines and tools for single-ended machines
Booth number 2125 unique machines and tools
Launched the 2710 single
The final machine, designed for the production of cabinets and access doors, furniture, windows and custom parts.
It has two pairs of switches for rotating router motor and standard automatic tool change.
It also has a fence for the production of the Mitter door and has 90 skim heads. (602)470-1911 www. uniquemachine.
Com Circle #220 jobs-
According to the company, on-site assembly screws CabParts Booth #3511 CabParts provides its confirmed screw assemblies, screws and pin assemblies that do not require bonding or clamping, minimizing
It was designed for work site case assembly. (970)241-7682 www. cabparts.
Com Circle #221 mold door Decore-
Deke Creative booth 3451-
Native specs offers 10 new application molded door styles, doubling the previous application molded door selection.
Watford in cherry collection, Charleston in Walnut Collection, Augustine inander in pink birch panel and high pointe in Maple selection are displayed.
It offers more than 250 standard wood and RTF door styles as well as custom door designs, the company said. (877)433-2673 www. decore.
Com Circle #222 CNC router software Korean Machine Company
Booth #2179 Komo Machine provides a CNC router integrated with CIM-
Technical programming software.
Mach 1 S combined with HSK spindle, HSK-
Tool converter with pocket aggregation function, high
Speed servo system for optimizing the feed speed and measuring the tool length automatically. (800)643-5089 www. komo.
Com Circle #223 backboard Dynea Booth #3898 Dynea Overlays offers a new backboard that has been reformulated using the new fiber base easyback
The company says it completely heals and maintains color and uniformity with unlimited shelf life.
It can be held or cold pressed with a variety of adhesives, with paper sizes and rollers of multiple widths or lengths. (800)426-5025 www. dyneaoverlays.
Com Circle #224 STILE and Ritter Mfg for track rigs.
Booth number 1723 Ritter Mfg. \'s R-
The 164 horizontal stile integrates a TigerStop with track borerstop and provides drilling techniques to drill stile and track parts.
The company said that drilling accurately before drilling
The company\'s seal brush ensures the edge of the processing --in-
Bearing Technology.
According to the company, 36-in.
Height of work table-
Easy to operate. (925)757-7296 www. rittermfg.
Com Circle #225 woodworking machinery company Lobo machinery
Booth Lobo Booth 1125 offers a wide range of woodworking equipment for industrial and small businessessize shops.
The machines provided include: edgeband, ripbo saw, band saw, table saw, CNC panel saw, die-cutter, broadband Sanders, curve and profile Sanders, boring system, planing machine and overhead panel door molding machine. (562)949-3747 www. lobomachine.
Com Circle #226 machine tool software Mastercam/CNC Software Booth #1263 Mastercam/CNC software will present version 9 of Mastercam router, which can control both direct drill and T block drill
The router V9 also adds the flexibility of right angle and compound corner head control and high
Speed processing capability including 2-
High speed pickpocketing.
Other features include VBScript support, a link to the cabinetdesign software, and tool path nesting. (800)228-2877 www. mastercam.
Com Circle #227 double word saw Hoffman Machine Co. , Ltd. Inc.
Booth 1262 Hoffman Machine Co. , Ltd. Inc.
The MS 35 SF double diagonal sawwood is provided, which is specially designed for the production of solid wood or medium fiber board diagonal cabinet doors.
Computer machine cut 2 45 [:degrees]
Miters laid the keyway for the Hoffmann swallow tail key in one cycle.
They include feeding and discharging tables as well as digital length stops. (631)589-6322 www. hoffmann-usa.
Com Circle #228 laser projector SL Laser System booth #1998 SL Loser system provides Mr.
Beam, a loser projector that displays the short profile of a single vacuum pod.
The company says it can be used for most applications including CNC rooters.
IP52 protection level is provided.
It has a 5 MW laser that can switch to light or dark and is accurate at plus or minus 2mm. (704)561-9990 www. sl-laser.
Production equipment A. com Circle #229W. E. D.
Booth A. 1896W. E. D.
Various machinery such as band saw, laser, grinding machine, saw, roll knife, panel Press and Sanders are provided.
Sotos is an integral cutting panel saw with blade and brushless motor on the slide frame on the linear guide rail.
Its score unit group allows it to cut the edges formed.
It also comes with a pliers set and/or repositioner. (770)831-9800 www. awed-machine.
Com circle #230 RIP optimized scanner Mereen-
Johnson machines
Booth #2523 Mereen-
Johnson machines
With Ulitimizer Inc.
Wide board scanners for rip optimization applications are provided. The Ulti-
The Vision wideboard scanner integrates color imaging, laser profile, and laser scattering to map each board at high speed and optimize the board for high yield tearing.
It can match Merlin.
Saw of Johnson(888)465-7297 www. mereen-johnson.
Com Circle #231 automatic fixture carrier fast machinery
Booth No. 1997 fast Machinery Co. , Ltd.
The new fast automatic fixture bracket is controlled by the PLC and automatically tighten the fixture, flatten the panel, index and release the fixture.
This resulted in a 50% labor savings compared to the semi-Labor Force
The company said the automatic gripper.
Features include: hydraulic rack-and-
Gear-mounted sliding system, dual control panel and heavy-duty-duty zinc-plated clamps. (707)272-6719 www.
Quickmachinery company.
Com Circle #232 CAM software Planit solution booth #3401 Planit CNC center receive work from cabinet vision, Cabnetwareor kitchen builder and generate machine
Ready code for almost any cnc machine.
The software has modules that are nested, optimized, and linked externally to other CAM software. (800)280-6932 www. Plan solution
Com Circle #233 trimming and polishing system by Daubert Chemical
Booth #2884 CBS 2002 Gottschild trim the system provided by andbuffing Bolt chemical plant.
In addition to demonstrating this system, the company also consults on the thermoforming processing and application of adhesive production lines as needed. (800)688-0459 www. Daubertchemical.
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