Carpenter's small portable machinery manufacturers

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Chengyang district of Qingdao woodworking machinery factory is specialized in woodworking small portable machine, fully automatic machinery research and development and production of enterprise, is professional manufacturer of mechanical products of its kind in China woodworking small portable machinery manufacturers, factory after decades of development, the manufacturer of the scale of production has reached more than 38000 square meters, strong technical force, complete detection means, perfect management system. Dozens of all professional production lines, can also meet the demand of thousands scale mechanical production orders. Chengyang district of Qingdao woodworking machinery factory production of woodworking machinery series products mainly include machinery series, platoon to drill, woodworking small portable machines, automatic machines, product structure is reasonable, the function is perfect, best-selling domestic 10 provinces, and exported to southeast Asia, Africa, Russia, Turkey in a dozen countries, deeply trusted by users. Factory has accumulated rich experience in woodworking machinery manufacturing and management. At present, has formed the multi-drill, machinery, plate cutting saws, sanding machine, machine and so on ten big series, more than hundreds of specifications of the woodworking machinery products.
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