CECIMO offers a new strategy for the development of the EU machine tool industry

by:Gewinn     2022-06-04
The European Council for Cooperation in the Machine Tool Industry (CECIMO) recently proposed to the European Commission the development strategy of the EU machine tool industry, including: 1. From a long-term perspective, modern European industrial projects require the machine tool industry to establish a sound Ru0026D investment system. At the same time, high-precision, high-speed machine tools will help improve the productivity of other related industrial sectors in Europe. 2. The elimination of non-tariff barriers, fair competition and the establishment of international standards should be ensured globally. 3. Industrial internationalization should not lead to the transfer of European industries and research bases out of Europe. The manufacturing base will attract product development, researchers, distributors and suppliers, with a direct impact on economic growth and job creation. 4. The European manufacturing industry needs to make engineering research more attractive to young people and encourage the promotion of lifelong learning programmes in enterprises. Effective tripartite collaboration between government, academia and industry will foster a well-educated and skilled workforce.
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