China CNC punch press comprehensive domestic strive for innovation

by:Gewinn     2020-04-01
Under the pull of market demand, the demand of CNC machine tool industry in China will continue to maintain rapid growth, the average annual compound growth rate reached 37. 4%. Nc machine tools has become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. Will continue to put in our country, the 12th five-year period and increased, major projects will drive the investment more than 10 billion each year. Not only led to the home-made numerical control machine tool and numerical control system and the market development of relevant features, and also for the domestic manufacturers of CNC system to develop its own technology, expand the market provides an excellent opportunity. The current domestic production of nc machine tools can be roughly divided into economical machine tools, affordable machine, high-grade three types. Basic is open-loop control economical machine; Affordable machine adopts a half closed loop control technology, the resolution can reach 1 micron; High-grade type machine adopts closed loop control, composite with high precision, high speed, at the same time, has the function of all kinds of compensation, a new control, automatic diagnosis, resolution can reach 0. 1 micron, the computer can replace people to program. In the domestic application of basic economical nc machine tool are domestic products, domestic products regardless of quality or reliability can meet the needs of most of the machine tool users. About 60% ~ 70% in domestic popular type segment in the machine tool is to use the domestic products, but need to point out that about 80% of these home-made numerical control machine tool numerical control system in the use of foreign products. High-end machine tools for only about 2% of domestic products, basic it is to rely on imports. In terms of market demand for cheap machine tools and intermediate about each accounted for 50% and 40%, the demand of high-grade CNC machine tools is about 10%. To this, the development of nc machine tools in China will try to solve the host big but not strong, nc system and the lag of feature development, high-grade CNC machine key technology gap is big, the stability of product quality is not high, poor industry overall economic benefits, to cultivate the core competitive ability, independent innovation, quantitative integration and brand construction and so on to a strategic height, achieve the goal of gross industrial output value 800 billion yuan. And strive to through 10 - 15 years of time, the realization of the machine tool production country to machine tool power, achieve domestic high-grade CNC machine occupies dominant position in the domestic market and a series of medium and long term goals. Starting point of the production enterprises, in fact, due to domestic nc system is very low, this led to the enterprise's technical level, the current domestic production enterprises CNC system on the design principle, components and application technology gap is larger, and the country's research into basic were used as the development of new products, rather than key technology research and development. At the same time, multinational companies in order to occupy the huge market in China, the technology blockade and dual competition strategy of price dumping. On the one hand, capable of producing products for China, multinational companies not only raise the price, also many additional restrictions; In China, on the other hand, the numerical control system, can produce the bigger reduction measures in a row, in an attempt to seize the Chinese enterprise only intermediate product market share, and CNC from China at showering poached familiar with business planning and the market of sales staff members. In the middle of July, 2013, Ministry of Science and Technology with the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance has about 5 times 2013 CNC machine tool industry change the meeting to discuss, the meeting through the numerical control machine tools and some five major projects such as a comprehensive balance. Meeting as soon as possible to modify the perfect 2014 annual plan, submitted to three departments for the record, at the same time also to prepare the 2014 annual budget funds, and sent to the Ministry of Finance for approval. “ This special involves five national common people's life of the people's livelihood, is the key point of social and economic development transformation, worthy of relevant departments to focus on. Relevant departments of the five special synthetically to parallel, top of CNC machine tool industry. Numerical control machine tool represents the heavy machinery industry, as a key part of the mechanical processing home-made numerical control machine tools at the same time there has been a challenge. ” Countries is mainly to promote domestic mid-range CNC system. More competitive in mid-range numerical control system, enterprises of China starts relatively late, although the technology is also in a gradual move to European and us companies now, but the enterprise brand effect has not yet formed, so do not have strong competitiveness in the market. At present the country organized related staff to communicate and exchange, companies are also positive efforts to research and development, and strive to put in the midrange CNC system accounts for only 10% of domestic products in the market situation is reversed. CNC machine tool industry is the industry with high technical content. Characterized by a high technical requirements, product upgrading faster, large investment density, strong comprehensive product, each feature is very important for the quality and performance of the whole machine. Product market capacity is small, strong rivals. The support for the government's coordination and effective flexible business put forward very high requirements. Basic policy direction is to the national policy guidance, the improvement of the industry structure and flexible and efficient mechanism of enterprises better.
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