China's large passenger aircraft development is steadily advancing the establishment of three major centers

by:Gewinn     2022-05-31
Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd., China's first modern aviation high-tech enterprise focusing on customer service for large passenger aircraft and regional aircraft, was established in Shanghai. The large passenger aircraft research and development center established with the Shanghai Aircraft Design Institute as the core and the large passenger aircraft manufacturing center established on the basis of the Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Plant are also being established. Jin Zhuanglong, general manager of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, told Xinhua that the establishment of the customer service company marks the establishment of COMAC's three major centers of Ru0026D, manufacturing and customer service on the fast track, and marks the achievement of major scientific and technological projects for China's large passenger aircraft. The phased results have laid a solid foundation for large passenger aircraft to fly into the blue sky as soon as possible. Jin Zhuanglong said that since the establishment of COMAC on May 11 this year, the large passenger aircraft project has been steadily advanced, and the demonstration work of the feasibility study technical scheme of the large passenger aircraft project has been launched. With Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute as the core, it has formed a large passenger aircraft joint engineering team with relevant experts from domestic and foreign design, testing, manufacturing, test flight and other research and development units, and formulated a work plan for the large passenger aircraft joint engineering team. Jin Zhuanglong said that in cooperation with the demonstration work of the large passenger aircraft project, international cooperation and exchanges have been increased, and international suppliers have been actively approached. The chief designer and deputy chief designer of large passenger aircraft were appointed, and 20 experts including Zhang Yanzhong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, were appointed to form a large passenger aircraft expert advisory group. At the same time, the new regional aircraft project with complete intellectual property rights undertaken by COMAC has also made significant progress. Since its establishment, COMAC has actively promoted the marketing, customer communication, and airworthiness certification of ARJ21 new regional aircraft. At present, the ARJ21 new regional aircraft has completed the final assembly task and entered the flight test station to conduct a comprehensive system ground test, ground test of the whole aircraft structure and verification test flight, and will achieve its maiden flight in the near future. Xu Qinghong, general manager of Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd., said that the establishment of the company marks the initial formation of COMAC's overall layout of 'headquarters plus Ru0026D, manufacturing, and customer service'. development is of great significance. Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Company undertakes the scientific research, technical research, system construction and implementation of life-cycle customer service for large passenger aircraft and regional aircraft at home and abroad. The business scope includes maintenance, maintenance and flight training, aviation materials and equipment rental and maintenance, air transport service technology development consulting, and civil aviation technology labor service cooperation. At the inaugural meeting, Shanghai Deputy Mayor Ai Baojun said that the landing of the large passenger aircraft project in Shanghai is an important task entrusted to Shanghai by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council. Establish a fast track for the development of new regional aircraft, and go all out to do a good job in cooperation, so as to provide various favorable conditions for the development and construction of COMAC. The Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the company business license. Zhang Qingwei, Chairman of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd., together with Jin Zhuanglong, Ai Baojun, Xu Qinghong and others, jointly inaugurated the establishment of Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Company. COMAC, which undertakes the development of China's large passenger aircraft, is a super-large high-tech state-owned central enterprise approved by the State Council. It was established by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Shanghai Guosheng Company, China Aviation Industry First and Second Group Corporation, Aluminum Corporation of China, Baosteel Group and Sinochem Group with a joint investment of 19 billion yuan and is headquartered in Shanghai. Zhang Qingwei, former director of the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Commission, and Jin Zhuanglong, deputy director, served as chairman and general manager respectively. Large passenger aircraft generally refers to trunk passenger aircraft with more than 150 seats. At present, only the United States, Europe and Russia have the ability to manufacture large passenger aircraft in the world, and only two companies, Boeing in the United States and Airbus in Europe, dominate the international market. China is the country with the fastest development of civil aviation in the world. At present, thousands of large passenger aircrafts are imported from abroad. Relevant research shows that China will become the second largest civil aircraft market in the world in 20 years. The market holdings of civil aircraft will exceed 4,000, of which more than 3,000 new aircraft will be added, of which the increased number of large passenger aircraft will exceed 2,700. $260 billion.
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