China will import technology and products of CNC punch press giving support

by:Gewinn     2020-04-01
CNC punch press professional manufacturers to provide you with the following contents: to actively expand domestic shortage of resources products, import of technology products, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued 'on issue a notice to encourage importing technology and product directory', Hair industry [instead 2007] No. 2515) 。 For Chinese enterprises to introduce advanced technology, import equipment, development of key industries and import of resource products and raw materials to be encouraged, the national support for their interest. In order to do a good job in the trade balance to promote standard and strengthen the management of import discount interest funds, improve the efficiency in using fiscal fund, with the encouragement catalogue of imported technologies and products of specific implementation, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce also formulated the 'interim measures for import discount interest fund management'. Encourage the catalogue of imported technologies and products involved important equipment has: CNC punching machine tool industry. Encourages the introduction of advanced technology. High-grade CNC CNC punch press and the feature of design and manufacturing technology. 2. Encourage the import of important equipment. Boring and milling machining centers, flexible manufacturing cell, turning, CNC grinding machine, gantry CNC milling machine, metal diamond honing machine, universal hydraulic press, hydraulic press, CNC cutting machine, etc. 3. Encourage the development of key industries. CNC CNC punch press key spare parts and tooling manufacturing; More than three axes linkage of high-speed, precision CNC numerical control punch press, CNC system and ac servo unit, linear motor manufacturing. CNC punch press industry is the foundation of the equipment manufacturing industry, mainly for service industries such as cars, ships, and China has for several years to become the world's largest consumer and importer of machine tool machine tool machine tool industry current status is a major manufacturing enterprises to promote the digital, information-based reform. CNC punching machine tool industry & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning has two fusion strategy as a goal of one of the four strategies. Mentioned in the planning, industrialization and information fusion is the necessary way of new industrialization. To ascend in information technology research and development design, processing and manufacturing, business management and marketing services integrated application level, the key to improve product digital, intelligent, automation and network level, realize the product upgrading, improve the competitiveness. According to the numerical control punch press industry current situation, the two main content integration strategy is a major manufacturing companies to promote digital and information-based transformation, realizing the both integration, give full play to existing resources, improve efficiency, reduce cost, improve the upscale product manufacturing technology level and production capacity, create conditions for realizing industrialization of high-end products. The key manufacturing equipment supply ability formation of flexible manufacturing system, improve the ability to adapt fast delivery cycle and the information management level.
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