Chinese numerical control woodworking lathe what kind of way to go

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Made in China is a big country, with the development of modern technology, high speed, high quality, high efficiency of industrialized development will gradually become the standard of world development. China, however, original design of numerical control woodworking lathe little share in the market and China need to break through on the original design. China is not only a numerical control woodworking lathe production country, or a numerical control woodworking lathe consumption power, but the original design is China's 'soft rib' numerical control woodworking lathe. At present domestic average 30 CNC woodworking lathe enterprises only one professional designers, more than 8 into numerical control woodworking lathe enterprise dire lack of design talent, Chinese numerical control woodworking lathe industry from 'mainly processing' transition to 'give priority to with design'. Numerical control woodworking lathe industry is one of the traditional industry with Chinese characteristics in our country, the domestic numerical control woodworking lathe enterprise mostly is given priority to with processing, how to transform as the design is given priority to, to help enterprises to achieve maximum profits, as well as is the product of an enterprise from 'brand' to 'famous brand'. In line with international standards to make numerical control woodworking lathe, general nc software at home and abroad, is China's numerical control woodworking lathe out of China to the world, have to make the CNC woodworking lathe professional level, even the machine and the implantation of automation technology, etc should be standardized and implement general swaps and standards. Numerical control woodworking technology will be one of the future development trend of intelligent development, such as configuration programming expert system in the numerical control system, automatic fault diagnosis system, parameter setting and automatic cutting tool management system, forecasting calculation function, the adaptive fuzzy control function and so on, to make numerical control woodworking lathe more intelligent. Application of multimedia technology is to control the system with integrated processing of voice, text, images and video information ability, make them to realize the real-time monitoring system, the production site equipment fault diagnosis and monitoring production process, etc. Numerical control woodworking lathe in the future market competition will be more and more intense, high efficiency, high speed, high precision, accuracy requirements will also be more and more. Intelligent CNC woodworking lathe to design, to become the inevitable trend of market orientation and.
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