Chinese woodworking machinery will usher in a new era of automation

by:Gewinn     2020-09-23
Automation is the concentrated reflection of a national industrialized level, China's furniture industry, wood processing industry, man-made board industrial automation depends on woodworking machinery industry. The meaning of the woodworking machinery automation along with the increasingly rising enterprise cost, enterprise the effective method to improve labor productivity is to enhance the automation of equipment. And one of the ways to improve the enterprise benefit is a reduction in the number of workers, and the trend will continue for a long time. Therefore, the use of numerical control woodworking machinery automation has great realistic significance.
in addition to the import of man-made board production line in China, and other basic woodworking industry in the traditional pattern of general equipment sheet small batch production stage, no automated processing. Industrial production of wood and the automation will be improved to a great extent on the wood industry in the international status and competitive power, it is of great strategic significance, Chinese woodworking machinery will usher in a new era of automation;

second-hand woodworking machinery on the job is becoming more and more common, and the aging problem of the key parts, components and steel is the inevitable, these products become especially dangerous when I am working, and these factors are brought to our life more safety hidden trouble.

technology & other; Aging & throughout; The problem will also have to look. Have to admit that the domestic mechanical parts is a big gap between the enterprise and the mechanical parts, but also can't simply say private machinery parts and components products technology content is low, the domestic vehicle start just 20 years time, mechanical parts enterprises start to have much time. Future mechanical parts enterprises should have and closure of the ability of cooperation to develop new products at the same time, the only way out, it is also a mechanical zero parts enterprises and stronger market trends in the future.

in addition, at present our country woodworking machinery accessories industry, there are some outstanding problems, such as the imbalance between input and output of the industry; Great product inventory, and digest it will take time; Of enterprise independent innovation ability remains to be strengthened, the quality of the product needs to be improved; Products export momentum is very good, but compared to advanced international counterparts, the weight of export products accounts for is relatively small, is difficult to form the export advantage, etc. From this perspective, the current woodworking machinery spare parts industry is & other; Domestically & throughout; And at the same time, & other; Aging & throughout; The pace never stops, despite recent signs of recovery, woodworking machinery industry but also can call & other In the aging slowly & throughout; 。
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