Choose us because we punch and manipulator are of good quality

by:Gewinn     2020-04-04
Our company the WWW. gmrcsk。 Com is the most professional punch manipulator, mechanical parts, CNC punch press factory, shandong is the core of forging machinery manufacturing enterprises, I plant strong technical force, is widely introduced domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment. Collection of scientific research, production, sales as one. The company has senior engineer 6 people, intermediate engineer 16 people, with CNC machining center, CNC milling, planer, grinder, lathe, precision milling machine, line cutting machine tool and other kinds of processing equipment more than 40 units. Production of punch and manipulator has the following characteristics: ( 1) High efficiency: to improve the production efficiency, must control the production tempo. Besides fixed production machining time can't improve, automatic upper and lower material to replace the manual operation, so that it can be very good control to the beat, avoid due to human factors impact the production rhythm, greatly improving the production efficiency. ( 2) Flexible process change: we can modify the program and hand claw clamp, rapidly changing production process, debugging speed, removes the staff training time, can be quickly put into production. ( 3) Improve the quality of workpiece appearance: robot automatic production line, from feeding, clamping and cutting completely done by robots, and reduce the intermediate links, parts quality greatly improved, especially the workpiece surface is more beautiful.
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