Civilization production wood sanding machine should be 17 points

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Want to make a better wood sanding machine equipment need us more and more enterprises, more and more people go to work, I also want to contribute in this way a little bit of power, in view of the civilization production wood sanding machine, I think I have the following ideas should be under 17 points, to share with everyone. 1, wood sanding machine produce workshop clean neat, elegant to the chart, the design is reasonable, timely, accurate, the original records, account and produce completely according to the rules, in good condition and docket. 2, should fill in the production records, includes equipment, precision tooling, stuff, cleaning, security, and so on. 3, indoor and outdoor often keep clean, eliminate accumulation of waste, before coming off work should be clean, equipment maintenance, standard items placed on the ground. 4, tear up the company is not allowed while visiting, all told, rules prohibit the graffito of the scribble on the whiteboard at the scene. 5, wood sanding machine production site no spitting and saliva, prohibited anywhere throw paper towels, sundry. 6, it is necessary to work responsibility area clean and in a timely manner in the region and other equipment, the ground produces products to clean up. 7, wood sanding machine production workshop is necessary often tidy up, consolidation, maintain the ground without water, dirt and oil pipe line 8, the workplace device set up reasonable, neat, it is prohibited to run, run, drip, leak. 9, the workshop pipeline, cover intact, ditch without sundry, timely tidy up, blocking is prohibited. Station within 10, workshop equipment, equipment, accessories, workbench, box, goods such as various kinds of transfer trolley shall specify put, do clean and orderly. 11 and reasonable workshop lighting, banned incandescent light, running water. 12 items necessary, staff responsibility area according to the housekeeping rules within the positioning line pattern, and strictly comply with the fire safety rules. 13, adhere to the scene to deal with civilization produce, civilization and civilized operation, permanent cure knock against, the phenomenon such as scratch, rust, after work every day to do not wipe the maintenance very not go equipment, workpiece is not according to the rule not to go, not counting put not go, relevant records didn't fill in not go, do not clean the clean the work site. 14 and produce wood sanding machine in the process of the plan in the raw material should be timely tidy up clean up, don't have to scrap and waste classification in the designated place. 15 and yield in the working process of the product, it is necessary to timely tidy up to root out waste, waste. 16, workshop equipment, piping, walls were not allowed to stick adhesive tape. 17, beyond the time of the notice, the notice period, the slogan should clean up in time. In view of the safety production wood sanding machine, if you have more and better ideas, welcome to communicate with each other.
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