CNC cutting saw and what is the biggest difference between numerical control cutting center

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Traditional cutting board type furniture often use special cutting equipment such as cutting saw, such as wood saw, carpenter reciprocating saw CNC precision electronic saw, these a few suitable for mass production. This kind of cutting equipment price is high, complex operation, and can only be used for one size fits all type of linear cutting, will not be able to process the arc, the corner of profiled. If need panel slot, punch, such as operation, also need to buy other specialized equipment, equipped with specialized processes and workers to operate. Not only equipment cost is high, and professional and technical workers are also much higher. It can be seen that the traditional function of crude material saw open, using such devices also need special punch, slotted equipment and workers, the overall use of high cost and low working efficiency. And with the people's life quality is higher and higher requirements, numerical control cutting center should be born, very suitable for custom furniture one-stop production. Single - from stores Down the single - Office file - Packaging - Warehousing - The installation. High efficiency and small error rate, in recent years by the vast number of custom furniture manufacturers have been approval.
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