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by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
CNC double tenon machine is mainly used for material processing square tenon, round straight tenon, waist round mortise and tenon; The single axis numerical control tenon machine? Mainly used for processing the tenon, round tenon, waist round mortise and tenon, and other products, they have different emphases, but are very practical numerical control tenon machine equipment, has a very broad market. Belong to the whole CNC numerical control tenon machine type, has the memory function. That is a good editing process workpiece after storage, when workers, next time you're using the program to find the program can be used. Dispense with repeating the process of debugging and measurement, the province at the same time and ensures that every time the workpieces are accurate. To reduce the error of the measurement, the debugging, the defective goods less. 吗? Numerical control tenon machine around 2 location, respectively out of about 90 mm wide and 90 mm thick artifacts. CNC double tenon machine: 1. CNC system man-machine interface mode menu. 2. Digital input parameters, simple and quick easy accounting tenon three-dimensional processing. 3. Automatic feeding, double side joint. 4. Mechanical properties of stability, precision standard. In the true sense of high automation, energy saving. CNC double tenon machine parameters: more machining length 2000 mm smaller length of 180 mm bigger thickness 80 mm larger machining width 140 mm bigger tenon jointing machine long 40 mm using humanized operation platform, let the workers use easier, more efficient and faster. Mechanical lock nut part adopts high wear-resistant casting foundry, sleeve part has carried on the overall resistance to abrasion, oil pressure system key part use Taiwan brand, let the machine service life is improved more than 5 years, dispense with the user's worries. Auxiliary layering than square steel elastic bigger and better toughness, extend the deadline. Want to know more you can visit website: http://www. dgmgjx。 com/
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