CNC engraving machine in the wood lathe four steps

by:Gewinn     2020-04-15
Engraving machine, as a special numerical control woodworking lathe, many furniture production companies will use it for production, a lot of friends but I do not know how to use the operating, then we antai machinery company share operation process for everyone! 1, first of all need to have a picture when we sculpt perfect composition, such engraving machine software can by calculated according to the overall composition of the compound perfect to carve the path to the file; 2, calculate the carving path after the machine will automatically generate G code to the target file, so that in later carved in the machine will according to the target file for production. After 3, in the production of the target file, we would like to the target file download to the machine carries on DSP operating handle, or downloaded to control card driver, and the correct use of the machine; 4, then the target file downloaded to the DSP handle after the operation, we can sculpt, engraving machine CNC system will be according to the requirement of the DSP handles the target file for engraving. Above is the CNC engraving machine in the wood lathe four steps, mechanical performance to ensure that the quality of the products, we must pay more attention to avoid problems when using!
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