CNC machine computer gong is divided into two parts

by:Gewinn     2020-03-28
Computer gongs part can be divided into two parts and system parts. Body parts: 1) Casting, it is constitute the main part of the computer gong, a direct impact on the accuracy of computer gongs, stability, wear resistance, the life of the machine tool. Immediately after casting, not used in production, good casting is that is after the wind and rain, sun exposure, by natural weathering, sometimes through the water to soak, stay the same line and then get the casting processing, make this machine tool is not easy to distort, can maintain the stability of the machine for a long time to maintain accuracy. 2) Spindle, the spindle is used to directly face the machining, he works by motor drive, high speed rotation, put the handle on the spindle, can to chip of machined part, meet the requirements of all kinds of production, the main shaft of the good or bad will directly affect the machining accuracy, the internal bearing if there is wear is easy to cause the spindle swing processing precision nature has several silk deviation. Spindle speed is in commonly 8000 turn around now, high-speed machine can do 20000 turn above, traditional processing center for each machine is only one of the main shaft, in recent year appeared double spindle even more spindle machining center. 3) Screw, is also part of the fuselage, it is driven by servo motor, through the displacement of the screw sheath driven workbench machining needs, screw if there is a gap, also direct embodiment in machining precision, and finish it. 4) Motor, there are two kinds of servo motor and frequency conversion motor, with good stability, servo motor spindle drive motor power is big, three axis motor association rate was small. 5) Coupling between screw and motor are mounted to the shaft coupling, is just a correlation function. 6) Automatic lubrication cooling system, the oil pump oil machine, the spindle oil cooling machine, and cutting fluid circulation system. Oil to oil automatically, without artificial can automatic pump oil, the machine is working, a few minutes to pump oil at a time, from all corners of the tubing, such as screw, guide rail, etc. , if the oil can't easily to guide rail wear and affect the precision. Spindle oil cooling is to cool the spindle and add a cycle cooling system, 8000 revolutions of the spindle can want to don't want to, the main shaft of 8000 turn above must match. Cutting fluid circulation system by pumping oil motor oil is pumped to the fuel tank is becoming the workpieces. 7) Sheet metal, the demand for sheet metal is not too high, so long as not leak, but also involves appearance beautiful, the image of the problem. System parts: 1) Monitor, mostly with LCD sc-reens now. 2) Operation panel (3) Processor, 4) The structure principle of drive system is very complex, but generally very few bad, frank system on the market are mainly Japan, Japan's mitsubishi system, Germany's Siemens. And so on. More content to http://www. gmrcsk。 com
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