CNC machine tool servo system with close relationship

by:Gewinn     2020-03-31
Servo system is widely applied in the field of machine tool industry so the servo system and machine tool has very close relationship. As an important feature of nc machine tool, servo system is an important indicator will affect the machining performance of system. With the development of numerical control machine tool, the application of servo control system in machine tool industry are also constantly improve, the cooperation between is like a pair of old friends, more and more tacit understanding. Horizontal nc machine tool by the CNC controller, servo drive and motor, electrical cabinets and numerical control machine tool frame of four parts. Its working principle is: by CNC configuration in special programming software, the processing parts of the trajectory with the coordinate of the way, can convert this information to make drive servo motor with a power signal ( Pulse sequence) , control the servo motor to drive the corresponding axis to realize trajectory. At the same time, the tool carrier is equipped with CNC lathe tool, by processing materials configuration corresponding knives, fixed on the spindle machining material for cutting, can work out the corresponding artifacts. On the nc machine tool, servo control system is an indispensable part of it. Its task is to put the nc information into machine tool feed movement, so as to realize accurate control. Because of nc machine tool product processing when demand is high, so the servo control system is critical. Currently used on nc machine tool servo control system, its advantages are: high precision, the accuracy of the servo system is refers to the amount of output can emersion input is accurate. Including the positioning accuracy and the contour machining precision; Good stability and stability refers to the system under the action of a given input or interference, can only after a short adjustment process, achieve the balance of new or restored to its original state. Directly influence the nc machining accuracy and surface roughness; Quick response, quick response is an important indicator of servo system dynamic quality, it reflects the tracking precision of the system; Wide range of speed regulation, and its speed range up to 0 & ndash; 30m/min; High torque at low speed, feed coordinate servo control belongs to the constant torque control, in the whole speed range to keep the torque, the spindle coordinates of control for constant torque servo control at low speeds, can provide large torque, for the constant power control at high speed, with large enough output power. In machine tool feed servo is mainly used in permanent magnet synchronous ac servo system, there are three types: analog, digital and software. Analog servo USES a single, only to receive analog signals, position control is usually implemented by the upper machine. Digital servo can realize multi-usage, such as speed, torque, and position control. Can receive analog instructions and pulse, various parameters are set in digital way, stability is good. Has a rich self-diagnosis, alarm function. Software servo is full digital servo system based on microprocessor. It will be all kinds of control mode and different specifications, power servo motor monitoring program with software implementation. When using can be set by the user code and the related data automatically. Equipped with digital interface, change the way we work, change the motor specifications, only need to reset the code, it is also called universal servo. Ac servo has held the dominant position of the machine tool feed servo, and constantly improve, with the development of new technology embodies in three aspects. One is the power drive system of the power electronic device continuously develop to the direction of high frequency, popularization and application of intelligent power module; The second is based on an embedded microprocessor platform technology mature, will promote the application of advanced control algorithm; Three is the development of networked manufacturing mode and the mature of field bus technology, will make possible the servo control based on the network. In machine tool industry at present, domestic and international numerous manufacturers have servo products in the industry, including Siemens, Bosch rexroth, east can, inovance, in domestic product has good market performance in 2011.
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