CNC machine tools help the iPhone 4 white version to ship at the end of July

by:Gewinn     2022-06-04
Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the white version of the iPhone 4 will be shipped by the end of July 2010, but the number will be very limited at first. What makes the white iPhone 4 so difficult to produce? A Chinese-language newspaper recently revealed why. According to 21st Century Business Forecast, Lens Technology's current production capacity is only half of what Apple needs, because their machines that make white iPhone 4 glass have a capacity of 3 pieces per hour. Although there is only a black version of the iPhone 4, it still exceeded 1.7 million units on the 3rd day of its launch, making it the most successful product in Apple's history. It is said that the raw materials of the iPhone 4 glass come from Germany, Switzerland and Japan, and CNC machines are used to cut, profile, reinforce, clean, drop-proof, assemble, and package. This is a tedious and tedious process.
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