CNC punch die maintenance guide

by:Gewinn     2020-03-30
CNC punch die maintenance guidelines: a, CNC punch die stamping process return board contact with sheet metal material & rarr; The punch contact sheet, sheet metal began to deformation & rarr; Material on the stress point began to fracture & rarr; Waste out of broken plate material & rarr; The punch stamping exactly & rarr; The punch retraction, waste, free fall, stamping process is complete. Second, the information can be seen from the waste situation ( Collapsing the Angle, euphotic zone, fault zone, burr) 1, the waste is essentially forming hole's like. The location instead of the same parts. By examining the waste, you can determine whether the die clearance correctly. If the clearance is too large, waste will be rough, ups and downs of rupture surface and a narrow light area. The gap, the greater the rupture surface and the light into the greater the Angle area. If the gap is too small, the waste will present a small Angle of rupture surface and a wide bright area. 2, too large gap with large hole edge and edge tear, the profile have a thin edge slightly prominent. Gap formation with a little edge is too small and large Angle tear, more or less in profile perpendicular to the surface of materials. 3, an ideal waste should be reasonable collapse Angle and uniform light band. So can keep the impact stress and minimum little burr formation area clean and tidy, round hole. Seen in this way, by increasing clearance to extend the service life of die hole at the expense of the finished product quality. Third, why do you want to use the right lower die clearance? 1, the best clearance: joint shear cracks, balanced pressure, quality of workpiece and die life. 2, the gap is too small: inferior shear fracture, pressure increase, shorten the service life of the mold. Four, selection of die clearance die clearance and the stamping of the type and thickness of the material. Unreasonable gap can cause the following problems: 1, the gap is too big, the stamping workpiece burr is big, poor quality of stamping. If small gap, although the punching quality is better, but the mould wear serious, greatly reduce the service life of mould, and easy to cause the breaking of the punch. 2, the gap is too big or too small are easier to produce in the punch material adhesion, resulting in stamping with material. The gap is too small easy to occurs in the punch bottom with vacuum formed between sheet metal and waste recovery. 3, reasonable clearance can prolong the life of the mold, discharging effect is good, reduce burr and flanging, plate clean, aperture couldn't scratched plank, decrease The Times of grinding and keep straight plank, punching positioning accuracy. More punch manipulator, punch and manipulator, the content such as punch manipulator on WWW. gmrcsk。 Com, we wholeheartedly for your service.
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