CNC punching machine also has a regional development

by:Gewinn     2020-03-31
Believe that it is clear to all, China's machine tool industry since the founding of the development so far, there has been a more perfect industry base. While the development of nc machine tools in China time is shorter, started relatively behind many developed countries. As indispensable important modern industrial production equipment, nc machine tools has become a national important strategic equipment, its technology level can reflect a country's comprehensive national strength. In the past, our country is not independent production of nc machine tools are high price products imported from abroad, the technology is still in the hands of the developed countries. Along with the boom of the national economic strength, the advance of information technology, nc machine tools in our country also started officially started. At present, our country has achieved the independent production of nc machine tools, and have their own patents, in many fields in our country the development of CNC machine tool industry fast also that have astonished the world. After entering the 12th five-year plan, the state will be high-end mechanical equipment manufacturing industry in the important position, vigorously support the development of high-end machinery equipment manufacturing industry, a move that will bring infinite development opportunities to the CNC machine tool industry in our country. At present, the nc machine tools in the industry pattern of characteristics is very obvious. In zhejiang, shandong, Beijing, hebei and sichuan region has formed a relatively complete industrial system, on the one hand, because of the regional economic development speed is faster, opening up to the level is higher, is conducive to the introduction of foreign advanced technology. Market on the other hand is because these areas of radiation, such as sichuan, obviously not as good as the eastern coastal economic level, but in the southwest sichuan CNC machine a vast market, coupled with the support of the country, so developing faster. From the point of the pattern of the nc machine tool industry, think of China CNC machine network, regional characteristics on the development of nc machine tool is very obvious in our country. This focus on development in the industry, but on the other hand also reflects the imbalance of the development of nc machine tools. As China's industrial production base in northeast China, for example, the numerical control machine tool development speed needs to be improved. Believe in the country, under the support of our country numerical control machine tool industry will be more beautiful tomorrow.
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