CNC punching machine daily maintenance is very important

by:Gewinn     2020-03-26
CNC punching machine daily maintenance is very important, you know the specific steps the maintenance? Lubrication oil gushes oil amount and pressure detector function test and adjustment. Air system of the filter, oil feeder adjustment valve functions such as impurities and moisture test inspection and necessary adjustments. Air pressure switch setting inspection and pressure detector function test and adjustment. Die height indicator switch Settings examination and inspection and adjustment of measured values. With the adjustment. Gear box cover down, and the internal parts of the wear and the status of the keys you loose inspection and oil tank cleaning, lubricating oil CNC turret punch press in new and operating conditions, noise, vibration test. Each part of the transmission system on oil gushes oil amount and pressure test and adjustment. From brake mechanism of piston movements, the brake Angle, away from the brake ask gap and m piece of yao consumption of the test point of inspection and necessary adjustments. Slide quick guide rail and guide gap measurement and friction surface check, the question of adjusted correction when necessary. Flywheel bearing such as manual lubricating grease and pipeline, such as joint inspection. Balance the status and the oil cylinder oil lubrication system, such as joint test. Motor circuit and electric circuit of the insulation resistance test operation. The machine precision ( Perpendicularity, parallelism, comprehensive q gap, etc. ) Test, if necessary, adjust the correction. Punching machine and accessories of the clean appearance, sort and mechanical foot ( Basis) With screw, nut locking and level adjustment if necessary. Lubricating oil system of pu, pipeline valves and other cleaning and maintenance and inspection. Air system of pneumatic components, cleaning and maintenance and testing of action such as pipeline inspection. Using 3000 - 4000 hours maintenance photoelectric safety device performance test and the projection Angle and regional test of adjustment. Loose and on-line check, such as testing and second fall rotary CAM switch box and stop function test of adjusting the same way. Overload protection device of the oil cleaning, oil chamber cleaning, oil change new pressure action and functional testing and adjusting. Main motor v belt abrasion and tension condition check, adjustment. From the dismantling (brake mechanism parts The flywheel excluding) Cleaning and maintenance, elm check clearance adjustment and refitted debugging. Balancer, dismantling, j parts cleaning and inspection and refitted debugging. Using 6000 - 8000 hours maintenance saw tooth connecting rod dismantling, cleaning and maintenance, check the saw tooth and connecting rod thread occlusion and abrasion, and polishing, polishing occlusal surface and apply grease. Slider assembly ( The tee, and cover. Overload oil cylinder, worm gear, worm, etc. ) Dismantling, cleaning and maintenance, ask gap adjustable cushion and wearing surface, oil seal check and to apply grease. Die cushion dismantling and examine the wearing surface clean and daub grease again after assembly test.
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