CNC punching machine using a great deal

by:Gewinn     2020-03-27
CNC punching machine in the course of everyday use, should follow the following 12 safety instructions, details are as follows: 1. Press workers should training learning on a regular basis, in order to master the equipment structure, performance, familiar with the operation procedures and operation license shall be independent operation. 2. The correct use of equipment safety protection and control device, shall not be any open. 3. Before the use should check the transmission, connection machine, lubrication and protection in areas such as the safety device is normal, mold screw is rigid. 4. Press should be 2 - short run before work 3 minutes, check the foot brake control devices such as flexibility, confirmed rear can normal use. 5. Check whether the mold is strong, the upper and lower die for, ensure correct position and turn to move by hand machine try to rush, Empty) To ensure the work in the mould is in good condition. 6. Before use must pay attention to lubrication, remove all floating on the surface of the bed put items. 7. Punch in moving or coining operation, the operator to stand properly, hand and head should keep a certain distance with punching machine, and always pay attention to the punch movement, it is strictly prohibited to chat with other people. 8. Coining small workpieces, specialized tools, may not be directly with the hand feeding or pick-up. 9. Coining usbam parts, should establish system of safety supporting material or other security measures, so as not to dig. 10. Single shot, hands and feet are not allowed to be on hand and foot brake, must be blunt once moved ( Step) Once, fight the accident. 11. Two or more persons jointly operation, responsible for moving, Step) Brake, must pay attention to feed people action, it is forbidden to one side, one side move ( Step) Brake. 12. At the end of the work in time to cut off the power supply, wipe machine, tidy environment. Above is responsible for the company, the company welcome you to visit the guidance!
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