CNC turret punch press

by:Gewinn     2020-04-02
Our company ( The original gaomi city general machine tool plant) Strong technical force, widely introduced the domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment. Collection of scientific research, production, sales as one. The company has senior engineer 6 people, intermediate engineer 16 people, with CNC machining center, CNC milling, planer, grinder, lathe, precision milling machine, line cutting machine tool and other kinds of processing equipment more than 40 units. CNC turret punch die gap refers to the punch into the lower die, on both sides of the gap. It is related to the thickness, material quality and stamping process, choose suitable CNC turret punch die clearance, to ensure the quality of good punching, reduce burr and collapse, keep the sheet metal formation, effectively prevent the pick-up, extend the life of the mold. The greater the Angle of CNC turret punch press, punch will form the edge and fracture, there is even a thin edge swelled. Waste on the other hand, if the clearance is too small, there will be a small Angle fracture and larger shining surface. Best clearance CNC turret punch die stamping, waste of fracture and the surface of the light have the same point of view, and overlap each other, which can minimize the blanking force, piercing the burr is very small.
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