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by:Gewinn     2020-06-04
A Yale senior student was killed in an accident at the chemical lab\'s machine workshop late Tuesday or early Wednesday, officials at the Connecticut school said.
Michelle Dufour from Massachusetts is working on a project in the machine store at Sterling chemical lab, and her hair is stuck with the lathe, this is a machine that shapes materials by rotating the materials to tools Richard C. , president of Yale University.
Levin said in an email
Mailing statement
Levin said her body was found by other students working in the building.
Kathy Wilson, an investigator at the state\'s chief forensic office in Connecticut, said the cause of death was suffocation caused by neck compression, which was accidental.
People of the United States of America.
Yale is really in trouble, there may be no safety guidelines, and there are no easy-to-kill switches for workers on the machine.
There should be a rule that two people need to work in one room at the same time for security reasons.
May God bless her happy soul. . .
When I was in the machine shop, we were always taught to tie our hair back and use it
Or just a haircut. . .
This can also be achieved by wearing a long-sleeved shirt that does not roll
Cross the elbow upwards.
She went to Yale but didn\'t know she might need to tie her hair or wear a hat yet?
It\'s not me, it\'s fake jazzYes frank. you\'re right, too.
The rules of two people are very important.
The guard and e stop helping, but the other person will be a lifesaver!
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