Coating machine daily maintenance and maintenance

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
On HaiRong woodworking machinery for you mention coating machine is divided into cold glue coating machine with hot glue coating machine, cold adhesive and hot glue coating machine difference: the hot glue is to point to bring back glue on the back wall cloth, construction without glue, use steam iron directly on the metope stick; Cooling gel refers to use environmental protection plant glue ( Potato starch glue, sticky rice starch glue) In metope and glue first, and then direct the shop is stuck. Hot glue construction need to hang cloth, hot solid, cutting edge. Without glue, easy to carry, But with machining tools such as steam iron) It is not easy to the shade, but wall construction; High temperature or room temperature is too high will affect service life; Whether or not environmental protection glue ingredients, influence on fabric permeability, are uncertain factors, heat melt glue, easily the drum, fall off; Cold glue construction construction need glue, cloth, scraping the solid, cutting edge. Mature technology and easy to use, vegetable gum, Potato starch glue, sticky rice starch glue) Environmental protection, the back wall cloth with foaming coating technology, coating does not affect the permeability, long service life. And they are widely used coating machine did you want to know about it? Let's look at, how the use of coating machine maintenance 1, working environment should be kept clean, prevent the dust into the coating system, influence the coating quality. 2, reducer in the lubricating oil used in first 1 months later, a new lubricating oil should be replaced, the replacement once every six months later, big workload, 3 months change one. In the summer high temperature large viscosity reducer lubricating oil should be changed. Winter temperatures low viscosity reducer of lubricating oil should be changed. Transmission system: sprocket drive, the chain part add butter 1 times a month. 'Gear transmission system, the turbine should be once every two weeks with butter, turbine tower without oil seal should be butter add 2 times a week. 3, after work, we must shut off the main power supply. 4, repair or adjust the unit, should be handled by the relevant professionals.
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