committee recommends that city start buying land to build green line lrt

by:Gewinn     2019-08-17
This city needs 2 million.
If it decides to put the $ tunnel drill in the North-
The transportation commission heard the central part of the Green Line LRT underground on Wednesday.
The city has a choice of billions of dollars. dollar, 40-
The kilometer green line through the Bow River and through the city center will cross a tunnel that will extend from 20 Avenue and N Central Street
To the southeast of the traffic line.
On Wednesday, the commission learned from the city staff about the preferred option and voted in favor of the proposal to start buying the land needed for the full Green Line route in Calgary.
It was an action.
Andre Sharbo does not support it.
\"Without any certainty of federal or provincial grants, we are limiting our ability to meet current needs by moving forward with some property acquisitions,\" he said . \".
Chabot said he believes the city needs to re-evaluate the whole project, which will extend from North Point to the southeast community of Seton and significantly expand the existing 59-km LRT system.
\"What we\'re talking about now is a very important project, and in times of financial hardship, I\'m not sure whether Calgarians are supporting such spending while everyone else is tightening their belts,\" he said. But Coun.
Sean said it was a cautious time to start a land acquisition for the big project.
\"If we don\'t do this now, the price will rise in two years and five years,\" he said . \".
Chu said that while he was initially in favor of a cheaper option to get the transit line across the city and the Bow River, he said to voters and heard the news from the government and changed his mind.
\"People really want to choose underground tunnels.
However, the cost is higher, there is less disruption, and there are more opportunities for community development, \"he said.
On Wednesday, the committee listened in detail to the government\'s choice of how to reach the preferred tunnel through five different possibilities --
Including elevated systems-
Factors including costs, impact on the environment, feasibility and community well-being were reviewed in a rigorous assessmentbeing.
In addition to the cost, the tunnel option leads in almost all standards
It is estimated to be $1.
3 billion, much more expensive than other options.
Community members, including delegates from Calgary city center Association and Chinatown BRZ, spoke at Wednesday\'s meeting in support of the underground selection.
While the tunnel is the city\'s preferred choice to obtain the LRT city center, public participation continues, with city officials planning to advise Parliament on a route choice by September.
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